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Kevin Feige Confirms Han Solo's Absence From His Star Wars Movie

Kevin Feige, Han Solo
By Andrew Gilman

There's still quite a bit of time until the next Star Wars theatrical film releases with Patty Jenkins' Rogue Squadron slated for Christmas 2023.

But always in motion is the future. Star Wars projects take years to develop, and though it isn't quite certain when the movie is scheduled to premiere, Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige has been hard at work on a film set in the galaxy far, far away.

Significantly impressed by his work on Loki, Disney signed screenwriter Michael Waldron to a massive contract, and Feige tapped him to pen the Star Wars project. Like Feige, Waldron has cited the original Star Wars films as major inspirations for his work in film and television, creating a dream scenario for two diehard fans to play in their favorite toy box.

Because of the extended time until release, absolutely nothing is known about the era in which the film takes place, or which characters may be involved. However, the brains of the operation has shed some light on who won't be making an appearance...


Han Solo
Star Wars

In an interview with Collider, Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige gave a brief update on the status of the Star Wars film he's producing:

"In the works, in progress."

When pressed on the kind of film the project would be, Feige stated that it would not be about, or include, Han Solo:

"It's not about Han Solo. Han Solo is not in it, though."


It appears Han Solo's next outing on the silver screen will have to wait.

While the question didn't seem to be inquiring about the project being a Solo sequel, but rather a theatrical experience as opposed to a joint release with Disney+, Feige went ahead and put the subject to bed anyway.

A sequel to Solo would seem logical at some point - and in some ways, there's already one on the way in the form of the Lando Disney+ series. The film was a major box office failure, but by and large, it's been well-received by fans and has enormous potential for continued adventures starring Han and Chewie.

As for Feige's film, it could really be about anything.

Unlike the MCU, Lucasfilm doesn't follow much of a linear structure in terms of content that gets pushed out. There are currently projects in the new High Republic era, tales set over 200 years later during the reign of the Empire, and everything going on in The Mandalorian's corner of the galaxy.

Things could even go beyond the timeframe of the Skywalker saga, as Rogue Squadron could possibly take place after The Rise of Skywalker.

There's obviously a long way to go until Feige's Star Wars film rolls cameras and eventually hits theaters. In all likelihood, this film will be the 2027 release currently on Disney's slate, though it could always be pushed up or back depending on the development process.

Exciting times await Star Wars fans galaxy-wide as riveting new tales promise to expand the beloved universe. While it will be some time until details about Feige's film are unearthed, there's a plethora of stories down the pipeline to hold everyone over.