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7 New Star Wars Disney+ Episodes Highlight Sounds (Yes, Sounds) from a Galaxy Far, Far Away

Star Wars: Galaxy of Sounds, Disney+, Anakin, Han Solo, Rey
By Nathan Johnson

Since 1977, Star Wars has been known for being able to capture the magic of a galaxy far, far away with some of the most iconic and recognizable sound effects to ever come across film and television.

From the ignition of a lightsaber to the scream of a TIE Fighter, sound has always been a crucial element of the franchise. Many fans could probably close their eyes and easily point out exactly what ship, weapon, or gadget just came across the screen simply by listening.

Some viewers, both casual and hardcore, would more than likely enjoy being able to hear their favorite sounds throughout Star Wars whenever they want. Of course, there are multiple playlists and videos across the internet that could satisfy these needs, but what if there were something easily accessible? Perhaps a place where every single iconic Star Wars sound could be heard?

Now, thanks to Disney+, there is.

Star Wars: Galaxy of Sounds on Disney+

Disney+ has officially released a brand-new series on Disney+ titled Star Wars: Galaxy of Sounds.

The full series can be found under the Star Wars tab on Disney+ with its official logo:

Star Wars: Galaxy of Sounds

The series consists of seven episodes that each run between six-to-eight minutes in length, and are categorized based on the type of sound they are.

For example, the third episode titled "Dark Side" showcases dozens of sound effects specifically used by the Empire and the Sith in a montage-like video, while also offering a short synopsis:

"Listen to the dark side of the Force as it's used by Sith and other dark warriors."

Star Wars: Galaxy of Sounds Episodes

A few of the other episodes include titles such as "Light Side," which mirrors the "Dark Side" episode. There is also an installment called "Connections," which focuses on the many relationships throughout Star Wars, and an episode titled "Beeps," which is all about the many droids seen throughout the history of the galaxy.

Star Wars: Galaxy of Sounds, Disney+

The Future of Star Wars Sound Effects

While it's a small addition to the world of Star Wars, many fans will likely be pleased that Disney has taken the time to create a series completely dedicated to the hundreds of beloved sounds heard throughout the galaxy.

Disney has already produced a series like Star Wars: Galaxy of Sounds in the past, releasing a similar series titled Zenimation on Disney+ in 2020. Zenimation is essentially the same principle as Galaxy of Sounds in that it has short, five-minute-long episodes that solely focus on sounds.

However, instead of coming from Star Wars, the chapters of Zenimation showcase the ambience of the animated side of Disney, such as their hit films Moana and Frozen.

With Disney now creating two series focusing on sounds from some of their most popular projects, it is worth questioning if they will continue to do this for other franchises — specifically the MCU, which has proven to be their biggest success in recent memory.

With so many projects coming out every year in the MCU, and a massive slate of upcoming projects, fans would have to assume that a series focusing on the sounds of the comic book world is inevitable.

Star Wars: Galaxy of Sounds is available to stream now on Disney+. 

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