Star Wars: George Lucas Is Officially a Stormtrooper Thanks to New Hasbro Action Figure

Star Wars, Stormtrooper
By Russ Milheim Posted:

Star Wars has had quite a journey over the last few decades. Of course, it all started with the original trilogy, which introduced Luke Skywalker to the world—and the entire concept of the Jedi and the force.

Clearly, the ideas went over well, as that success eventually brought forth Lucas' vision for the prequel trilogy. While Episodes I-III were far from critically acclaimed, they did bring to life a very important era of the Star Wars universe—one which went on to inform the creation of the highly successful animated show The Clone Wars.

The sequel trilogy brought Rey "Skywalker" and Kylo Ren into the fold and didn't have much input from George himself, but the next step in the universe had Lucas' original vision written all over it: The Mandalorian. The show, starring Pedro Pascal, went on to spawn nearly a dozen additional streaming ventures for the franchise.

Needless to say, despite not owning the rights to the world or characters anymore, George Lucas has not been forgotten. To make that point even clear, the mastermind behind the force itself is getting his own 6-inch action figure.

George Lucas Gets an Action Figure

It was just revealed that Star Wars creator George Lucas is getting an official action figure—in a Stormtrooper outfit no less!

The figure is part of the Star Wars Black Series line and is being released in celebration of Lucasfilm's 50th anniversary. Pictures can be seen below:

Star Wars, George Lucas

Above is the figure and packaging in all its glory, sporting a nice retro design.

Star Wars, George Lucas

Next is a photo of the figure outside the box, with George Lucas ready for battle.

Star Wars, George Lucas

Finally, this image gives a look at the included helmet accessory in action.

For those that want to pick one up for themselves, the figure is expected to hit shelves in 2022.

Kids Can Play With George Lucas

Many fans are likely pleased to learn that George Lucas is getting a 6-inch figure from the Star War Black Series Line. Hopefully, when it hits the fans of collectors around the world, it won't disappoint.

Lucas is probably very pleased with the direction that the Star Wars franchise is going in currently, as a lot of it seems pretty focused on the Clone Wars era, and bringing a lot of those characters back into the fray. Look no further than Asohka's live-action debut in The Mandalorian, and her upcoming solo show.

Star Wars' biggest animated show, The Bad Batch, is even directly spun out of a Clone Wars set storyline. When the sequel trilogy was being created, many felt that the Clone Wars era was simply being ignored. It would seem like they've quite drastically changed their tune on that; something George Lucas probably has no qualms about.