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As a Star Wars fan, it can be pretty tough to look over what the Marvel fanbase is getting in terms of project output; jealousy can sit in quickly. But it's often easy to forget that in just a year or two, the galaxy far, far away will be in as fruitful of a spot.

While there won't be a new season of The Mandalorian this year, instead, fans will get to enjoy Star Wars: The Book of Boba Fett, the first solo-focused entry for the fan-favorite bounty hunter. On top of that, both Andor and Obi-Won Kenobi are currently in production and are likely to be released at some point next year.

While having Kenobi back in everyone's lives will be an amazing experience, there's another show which is likely to top that anticipationAhsokaThe Mandalorian's second season marked the first live-action appearance of everyone's favorite Clone Wars Jedi who was one of the many elements of that animated series being brought into the fold.

It's been rumored that the Rosario Dawson-led show will see Ahsoka on a quest to find Ezra and Thrawn after the events which transpired at the end of Star Wars Rebels. 

Now, according to a new report, the former Jedi will be bringing along a friendly face:


Sabine Wren Ahsoka
Star Wars

The Hollywood Reporter stated that the upcoming Ahsoka show is currently looking for an actor to star opposite Rosario Dawson's titular character in the role of Sabine Wren, the Mandalorian warrior introduced in Star Wars: Rebels.

No further information on the show or characters joining it was given.


With how well-received all of the Clone Wars connections were in The Mandalorian's second season, alongside the return of Boba Fett, it's no surprise that Lucasfilm is looking to keep that train going. With how large of a character Sabine Wren is, especially in relation to Ahsoka and her current journey, it seems like a no-brainer.

The possibility has been discussed before; even the original voice actress for the character has come out saying that she'd really love to play the character in live-action. Seeing as Ezra and Thawn are reportedly already cast, it's likely the casting news for all three characters may officially drop at the same time.

The Ahsoka series is the closest fans are going to get to a continuation of Star Wars Rebels as a proper continuation was potentially scrapped in favor for the Rosario Dawson-led show; in all honesty, this seems to be a great avenue for continuing those characters' stories anyhow. 

While there won't be a Star Wars Rebels animated continuationthere's always The Bad Batch which just finished its first season and got a second season order. The show still has plenty of connections to Rebels, and it's something that will likely continue to be explored in future seasons.

If the casting for Sabine Wren comes out sooner rather than later, maybe fans will get to see the character make her debut in The Mandalorian's third season, which recently started production

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