Ahsoka Disney+: Sabine Actress Comments on Possible Appearance In Rosario Dawson Series

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The Bad Batch is receiving all the Star Wars-related attention right now, as well it should.

The animated Disney+ series has been a massive success, carrying on the story of The Clone Wars in unexpected ways that flesh out the beginnings of the Galactic Empire. But it's not the only thing Star Wars has cooking.

In September, Star Wars: Visions will drop on Disney's streaming platform all at once. The show is an anthology collection of original shorts in the form of anime, produced by several of Japan's finest studios. A few months later, the live-action world will return to screens when The Book of Boba Fett arrives in December, continuing the ongoing narrative established by The Mandalorian.

There's another show The Mandalorian has set up, though production and release timeframes have not been officially disclosed. Star Wars: Ahsoka will continue the story of the iconic hero that began with her appearance in The Mandalorian Season 2, which should see her pursue the missing Grand Admiral Thrawn and Ezra Bridger.

A full live-action series for Ahsoka Tano is a dream come true for Star Wars fans, and Ahsoka will reportedly serve as the sequel to Star Wars Rebels. In that vein, other characters from the animated series will be natural fits for roles in the show. Speculation suggests that Sabine Wren will be accompanying the former Jedi on her quest, as they embarked on a new journey together in the epilogue of Rebels.

The voice of Sabine recently weighed in on the possibility of her character's live-action debut.


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On her Instagram story, actress Tiya Sircar responded to a fan's question about Sabine's involvement in Star Wars: Ahsoka, stating she would not be disclosing any information about the matter:

"[Laughs] Of course this is the very first question I get. Guys, I can't tell you anything. If I knew anything, I couldn't tell you. I'd want to tell you, but I couldn't. So, sorry, but I have no answer."


The answer to this one is obvious, coy replies or not.


Sabine Wren will unquestionably be appearing in Ahsoka, marking the character's first appearance in live-action. Star Wars Rebels' epilogue was set up with the character joining Ahsoka for the search for Ezra deliberately, and omitting the Mandalorian warrior from the series is all but an impossibility.

Dave Filoni has what he likes to call his "trust tree," a circle of people whom he confides in regarding secret Star Wars plans. The big voice actors that have worked on his animated series all fall into this group, though some are told more than others.

Tiya Sircar had to carry the secret of her Rebels' epilogue voice-over for a year, a level of trust that few people have been given by Filoni. A while back, Freddie Prinze Jr. mentioned discussions he'd had with Filoni about the evolving live-action universe that began with The Mandalorian, and his character won't even be alive to participate in the events. Given this, if Sabine is in Ahsoka, Sircar knows.

That doesn't necessarily mean she'll be playing the character though. While the actress would don the Mandalorian armor and purple hair in a heartbeat, Sabine is meant to be Asian, and there would be a lack of continuity in this regard.

Recasting the character live-action won't be a problem for Filoni, as the role of Ahsoka was given to Rosario Dawson over Ashley Eckstein, and Mena Massoud is reportedly set to play Ezra Bridger instead of Taylor Gray, the character's voice actor. There was a rumor that Lucasfilm was casting for an Asian actress to portray Barriss Offee in Ahsoka, but given the details, it seems far more likely the call is going out for Sabine.

While she likely isn't playing Sabine in Ahsoka, Dave Filoni would certainly give Sircar the professional courtesy of updating her on where the character's journey is headed. There may well come a time when Sabine Wren is featured in animation again; hell, nobody saw Kanan's cameo in The Bad Batch coming.

Tiya Sircar will always play a major role in bringing Sabine to life, even if it isn't for Ahsoka. As for the live-action series, casting for the character should be completed any time now as Filoni wraps up the scripts, and before long the highly anticipated show's production will be underway.

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