Star Wars Reportedly Changes Their 5-Season Plan for Disney+'s Andor

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Almost no project from Lucasfilm is shrouded in more mystery than Andor, which is looking to debut before the end of the year. Although rumors point to a trailer for the show likely arriving during next month’s Star Wars Celebration in Anaheim, fans still have barely any ideas about what will actually be a part of the plot as Cassian Andor’s pre-Rogue One story comes to life.

Even with Andor being so under the radar, for the time being, it has a leg up on many of the other Star Wars Disney+ series in terms of a confirmed future. Earlier this year, actor Stellan Skarsgard revealed that plans are already in place for Andor to continue into a second season, which came to light months before Season 1's promotional tour even starts.

With Season 1 rumored to premiere in August and Season 2 already in development, fans are wondering just how many years of Andor fans will get on Disney+. Now, a recent interview has shed a clearer light on that picture with new information on how many seasons fans can expect to see from this property.

Star Wars Shortens Planned Run for Andor

Star Wars Andor
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Andor News on Twitter discovered and translated an interview from TV Cultura in Brazil with Adriano Goldman, the director of photography for Lucasfilm's Andor.

According to Goldman, he worked on a series that was originally supposed to be five seasons long, but, due to a change of plans, it's now set to be just three seasons. Looking at his credits and his upcoming work, it's widely believed that he was speaking about the Andor series in these comments. 

Bespin Bulletin also revealed that a source of theirs had heard that Lucasfilm intentionally set Andor five years before the events of Rogue One took place. This would give the studio the opportunity to get as many as five seasons out of the series, although those plans seem to have changed.

Less Andor Than Originally Expected?

Andor has an interesting place in the Star Wars legacy considering what fans have seen from Diego Luna's one appearance on screen in Rogue One.

At the end of that appearance, it was established that Cassian Andor perished alongside Felicity Jones' Jyn Erso, setting a definitive end to his journey. The same is true about Ewan McGregor's Obi-Wan Kenobi, who has a 20-year window to explore within his own solo series - one which will be only one season long.

While the series could go on for five seasons, a three-year run would give Luna's character plenty of depth and action before he perished during the Death Star attack on Scariff. Why this decision was made is still a mystery, particularly since the team is already as far as they are with developing his story before even one episode premieres on Disney+.

As fans wait for more concrete information on what Andor will bring on Disney+, it appears that the plan for his live-action story remains somewhat in flux behind the camera. No matter how many seasons the show runs for, excitement is building simply for more adventures from a character that hasn't been seen on screen in nearly six years.

Andor looks to debut on Disney+ sometime this year.

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