Star Wars Reveals Spoilery Titles For 5 Upcoming Episodes of The Bad Batch

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Star Wars: The Bad Batch has released its first seven episodes on the Disney+ streaming platform.

The show has closely followed Clone Force 99, also known as the Bad Batch, throughout the galaxy as they have attempted to stay under the radar of the newly birthed Galactic Empire. The Empire is currently looking to complete Order 66 by hunting down the remaining Jedi along with any clones who did not carry out the order.

The first episode of the series kicked things off by introducing the new character Omega, who has become an established member of the Batch in her short time with them. The episode also showed the conflict in the mind of Crosshair, a once member of the Bad Batch whose inhibitor chip was still fully functional, causing him to turn on his team and hunt down his brothers.

The following episodes have taken viewers around the galaxy to a few famous locations in the Star Wars universe, such as Corellia, allowing fans to reunite with already established characters such as Captain Rex from The Clone Wars.

With the show reaching its halfway point, many are wondering what will come next for Clone Force 99, and Disney has given a brief answer by revealing the episode titles for five upcoming episodes.


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Disney has officially released the titles for episodes 10-14 of The Bad Batch, via Cinelix editor-in-chief Jordan Maison.

According to this report, the titles of the episodes will be:

  • Episode 10: "Common Ground"
  • Episode 11: "Devil's Deal"
  • Episode 12: "Rescue on Ryloth"
  • Episode 13: "Infested"
  • Episode 14: "War Mantle"

Episode 10 will premiere on July 2 followed by each subsequent episode being released each subsequent Friday afterwards.


There is a lot to unpack when trying to theorize what could happen in these episodes based solely on their titles. To start, two of the episodes stand out from the rest, and those are "Rescue On Ryloth" and "War Mantle".

First is the title of Episode 14, which is "War Mantle"Project War-Mantle is an extremely famous initiative put into place by the Empire after its transformation from the Galactic Republic.

The initiative forces the cloning facilities on Kamino to stop developing clones for the Empire so they can move to human soldiers, which in their eyes will be more formidable against the Rebel Alliance and the entire galaxy. Project War-Mantle is a staple in the early years of the Galactic Empire, and it will be incredible to see on screen.

"Rescue On Ryloth" is guaranteed to take place on the planet Ryloth. This planet has been visited before on the small screen, most notably in Rebels. It also serves as the homeworld for Hera Syndulla, the Twi'lek who pilots the Ghost in all four seasons of Rebels.

With the Bad Batch venturing out to Ryloth, it would be a perfect time to incorporate Hera into their story. She is an established member of the Rebel Alliance and is known as one of the best pilots in the Galaxy. If the Bad Batch were to get into some sort of trouble, which they more than likely will, she would be an incredible ally to aid them in escaping the planet and getting to safety.

As far as the other episode titles go, not much can be inferred. As the release dates for these episodes get closer, the series could reveal plot points that shed more light on what they could be about.

Releasing the episode titles of these upcoming episodes is a major move for Disney and Lucasfilm, especially considering that episode 14, "War Mantle", reveals so much about what will happen at the end of this show and sets up the final two episodes to be breathtaking.

Star Wars: The Bad Batch is currently releasing weekly on Fridays on Disney+.

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