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Star Wars Andor Clip

Fans are looking forward to seeing Diego Luna return to his role of Cassian Andor in the upcoming, titular Disney+ series.  It would have been hard to guess that audiences would be excited about Cassian, out of everyone who could have their own show.

Lucasfilm seems extremely confident in what it has to show the world with Andor. Not only is the first season twelve episodes, but season two is already greenlet and will be just as long.

From the trailers alone, fans have seen Cassian doing shady things, Mon Mothma pulling strings from behind the scenes, the Senate back in action, and the spark of rebellion spread.

While the world has to wait until Wednesday, September 21 for the first three episodes, Disney released the first clip for viewers to sink their teeth into.

Diego Luna Shines in New Andor Disney+ Clip

A new clip from the upcoming Andor Disney+ series has been revealed that sees Diego Luna's Andor and Stellan Skarsgard's Luthen Rael having an important conversation.

It starts with Rael offering a chunk of change to Andor for some information on how he was able to achieve something.

Andor, Star Wars

Andor is hesitant, which may showcase how he doesn't know this man well.

Star Wars, Andor

Of course, he eventually caves and gives Rael the answer he needs: The Empire is full of themselves.

Star Wars, Andor

The video can be seen below:

Andor Talks Smack of the Empire

Besides some brief appearances in trailers, this is the first real look fans have gotten of Stellan Skarsgard’s character. It seems that he may be trying to recruit Andor to whatever his cause is—which, given the nature of the show, is likely related to the Rebellion.

Considering Rogue One, it’s clear Andor’s future leans in that direction. Hopefully, his journey in getting to that point will be well worth watching for two seasons.

Stellan may be Cassian’s way into the shadier side of the industry, seeing as his character can be seen talking to Saw Gerrera in the official trailer. For those who may not know, Saw is known for his more intense and extremist methods in battling the Empire.

Fans will have to wait to see how all the puzzle pieces fit together when Andor hits Disney+ on Wednesday, September 21 with its first three episodes,

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