Star Wars Might’ve Just Spoiled an Upcoming Andor Betrayal

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Andor, Starr Wars

Andor has been quite a surprise for audiences around the world. Cassian Andor, who wasn't even the lead character of Rogue One, somehow not only has scored his own show but has some fans hailing it as some of the best Star Wars content to date. Yes, even above projects such as The Mandalorian and Obi-Wan Kenobi. Viewers are nothing short of enthralled.

Somehow, the series is already over halfway through its 12-episode first season. Time sure does fly by whilst watching engaging political maneuvering and tension-filled heists.

But what might these last few installments have in store for fans? Well, a new trailer seems to potentially reveal a massive betrayal that may happen before the show's freshman run is complete. 

Is a Betrayal Against the Empire Coming?

In a new promo for Disney+'s Andor, Lucasfilm has potentially revealed a big surprise character twist from an upcoming episode of the show.

The person in question is Robert Emms' Lonni Jung, who first appeared as an ISB Supervisor in the show's fourth episode, "Aldhani".

Jung, Andor

In the teaser, he can be seen standing in dim lighting, sporting atypical attire. This look is especially notable for a lieutenant like himself, as he's deeply involved in the Empire.


Some might say, "what if he's just in civilian clothing?" While this is true, it's the voiceover that proceeds the brief shot that seems to really seal the deal. Mon Mothma can be heard saying, "there's a new spy every day," right before it cuts to Jung.

Bespin Bulletin even pointed out another shot that sees Luthen seemingly talking with Jung, who can be spotted right on the edge of the frame. So hopefully, for Luthen, his spy status is, in fact, real—otherwise, he might be in a little bit of a pickle.

The outlet also posed the theory that this exchange is taking place somewhere in the underbelly of Coruscant, given how dirty the surroundings are.

The entire teaser can be seen below.

Is a Rebel Promotion Incoming?

Narratively speaking, it would be a great setup if Jung is, in fact, a Rebel spy. The twist would make someone who once amounted to nothing more than a background character into one of the most important pieces on the Rebellion's chess board.

This hypothetical twist would mean that Jung will likely go on to play an important part in the last half of season 1. The spy could even have a big hand in the second season if he survives.

This change in the status quo would also strongly enhance the paranoia aspect of the show's story. Audiences will be on the edge of their seat, not quite knowing who to trust.

Andor is now streaming on Disney+.

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