Star Wars Confirms What We All Suspected About Ray Stevenson's Final Ahsoka Scene

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Ray Stevenson as Baylan Skoll in Ahsoka, The Father

The finale of Disney+'s Ahsoka subtly connected Ray Stevenson's Baylan Skoll to the Ones from Star Wars: The Clone Wars' Mortis arc, but recent concept art from the episode confirmed one element that many Star Wars fans couldn't agree on.

Ray Stevenson's Baylan Skoll played a major role throughout Ahsoka, and even though he didn't appear in a major way in the show's last episode, his brief scene did connect him to some of the more mystical parts of the Star Wars universe.

During Stevenson's last scene, he was shown standing atop a statue of the Father, one of the Mortis gods seen in Star Wars: The Clone Wars and Star Wars Rebels. However, the statue of the Father wasn't alone - a statue of the Son accompanied it.

Ahsoka Concept Art Confirms the Daughter's Role in the Finale

When the Ahsoka finale featured Ray Stevenson's Baylan Skoll standing on a statue, many fans instantly noticed that it was of the Father. The same fans also noticed that a statue of the son was directly beside it, instantly setting up that the Mortis gods have a larger role to play in the Star Wars universe than previously thought.

However, concept art from the Ahsoka finale by Andree Wallin was recently shared by the official Star Wars X (formerly Twitter) account, and it detailed that the statues of the Father and the Son were accompanied by a headless statue of the Daughter.

Ahsoka Concept Art
Star Wars

Following the finale's premiere on Disney+, some viewers pointed out that it looked as though a headless statue of the Daughter was also present alongside the Father and the Son.

Mortis Gods in Ahsoka

However, hers was definitely not as easy to spot, as some even argued that it was just part of the mountain.

Andree Wallin's concept art does confirm though that a statue of the Daughter was there in the finale; it was just a lot harder to see since it didn't have a head.

It appears as though the original plan would have featured her statue's arm extending out as well, which didn't appear in the final cut of Episode 8.

This concept art confirmed that many fans were right in pointing out that the Daughter was there as well, but at the same time, it raises the question of why her statue was not fully intact.

Why Was the Daughter's Statue Headless in Ahsoka?

In the Mortis arc of The Clone Wars, all the Ones ended up dying, but the Daughter's fate was a little bit different than the Father and the Son's.

Realizing that his presence was keeping the Son alive, the Father ultimately used the Dagger of Mortis to stab himself, which then in turn allowed Anakin Skywalker to kill the Son with his lightsaber.

However, even though the Daughter was also stabbed with the Dagger, she requested that the Father use her life force to resurrect Ahsoka Tano (who was previously killed by the Son) so that she might live.

Therefore, the Daughter did live on in a sense, just not in the same body that she had been in. It is also important to note that when Ahsoka was brought back to life, it wasn't the Daughter's soul inside of Ahsoka's body, it was actually Ahsoka. But it was just the power of the Daughter's life force that saved her.

However, ever since that moment, Ahsoka and the Daughter have had a connection throughout Star Wars canon.

Many fans will recall seeing a bird flying around Ahsoka at different times. Its name is Morai, has been present throughout both animation and live-action, and could even be seen as recently as the finale of Ahsoka.

Some fans think that Morai is a physical manifestation of the Daughter that is watching over Ahsoka, and other theories claim that it is just a servant of the Daughter that is now loyal to Ahsoka since the Daughter is connected so closely with the former Jedi.

Since the Daughter's statue didn't have a head in the finale of Ahsoka, it could be symbolizing that her spirit is still alive in the physical world either in Ahsoka or Morai, whereas the Father and the Son are completely gone.

It is also possible that it could represent that Ahsoka is taking the place of the Daughter now that she is on Peridea, and that her role in the future of Star Wars canon will be similar to how the Daughter's was - a physical embodiment of the light side of the Force.

Ahsoka is available to stream on Disney+.

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