Nickelodeon Makes History With New SpongeBob Episode WITHOUT SpongeBob

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Nickelodeon's SpongeBob SquarePants just did something it hasn't done since it began in 1999.

Since the beginning of SpongeBob SquarePants, a few elements of the series have always been essential. It takes place in Bikini Bottom, Patrick is goofy, Squidward is serious, Mr. Krabs is greedy, and SpongeBob is the focal point of each episode...until now.

No SpongeBob in New Episode

For the first time in its 24-year history, SpongeBob did not appear in an episode of SpongeBob SquarePants on Nickelodeon.

Season 14, Episode 3 is the show's first episode not to feature SpongeBob at all, making this historic for being the first in almost 25 years not to include him.

Appropriately titled "BassWard," the SpongeBob-less story focuses on a travel day with Squidward and Bubble Bass. 

Why Is SpongeBob Not in the Episode? (Synopsis)

Given how this is a side story of SpongeBob without its main character, it comes to no one's surprise that the plot takes Squidward outside of Bikini Bottom.

Squidward and Bubble Bass meeting at the train station.

Squidward is getting ready to take a train to the clarinet convention in Jetsam City, but on his way, he meets Bubble Bass, who is also on his way to the comic convention in the same city.

Squidward is left with the only available seat next to Bubble Bass, who accidentally burns him with dripping fondue and later falls asleep and continues to lean on Squidward during the ride.

Bubble Bass sleeping on Squidward.

Later, they inadvertently launch a baby and its mother out of the train window. After being thrown off the train themselves, they walk to Jetsam City.

Old Man Jenkins gives them a ride, but the plane crashes due to Bubble Bass's weight. Despite their conflicts, they finally reach the city only to find their hotel reservations canceled.

Bubble Bass and Squidward defeated.

Squidward and Bubble Bass argue over which convention is better, leading to chaos and the destruction of both events. 

As they try to catch their departing train, they use a handcar, but the mother and baby from the earlier incident pursue them, creating a wild and comedic journey without SpongeBob.

The 14th season of SpongeBob SquarePants airs weekly on Nickelodeon.

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