Is Quiet on Set Releasing an Episode 5? Nickelodeon Documentary Future Explained

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Drake Bell, Quiet on Set

A recent Episode 5 listing has rumors spreading that more Quiet on Set episodes will soon be released on Max.

Quiet on Set: The Dark Side of Kids TV is a recent Investigation Discovery documentary following the grim behind-the-scenes events of Nickelodeon shows from the 1990s through the 2010s.

Producer Dan Schneider, the architect of many Nickelodeon hits, has been put under heavy scrutiny, with many wondering if he could face further ramifications for his alleged abusive behavior on set.

This series has sparked much conversation online, especially surrounding Drake Bell's confessional, and many believe there's a lot more story to tell.

Is Quiet on Set Episode 5 Coming?

Drake Bell in Quiet on Set: The Dark Side of Kids TV

Episode 5 of Quiet on Set, titled "Breaking the Silence," will officially release on April 7, according to Investigation Discovery (ID).

From Variety, Episode 5 will bring back Drake Bell, and former All That cast members Giovonnie Samuels, Bryan Hearne, and Shane Lyons will join the series for the first time.

The report indicates that it will be a group conversation led by broadcaster Shane Lyons, which ID said, will be "building off the revelations explored in the first four episodes" and "where the industry can go from here."

Initially, the docuseries was confirmed to comprise only four episodes and following rumors that Episode 5 could be released, this has now been confirmed.

Director and producer Mary Robertson has previously stated that she would love to make more in the future:

"We would be happy to make four more hours on this subject. There’s definitely more to say."

Episode 5 of Quiet on Set will undoubtedly perform well. The show received favorable Nielsen ratings, with the first two episodes attracting approximately 614,000 viewers and achieving a 0.4 household rating and a 0.11 rating among viewers aged 18–49. 

Subsequently, the following two episodes saw an increase in viewership, reaching 641,000 viewers with a 0.42 household rating and a 0.13 rating among viewers aged 18–49. 

It's important to note these figures do not include streaming numbers, which is a huge avenue for many viewers, making the overall viewership likely significantly higher.

What Should You Expect in Episode 5

Drake Bell has already been opening up about his experiences on podcasts and interviews while more former Nickelodeon stars have commented on the series.

This new conversation and confessional should be a more official update on the series' impact while also addressing what changes could be made in Hollywood to avoid these abusive circumstances in the future.

After Episode 4, Dan Schneider quickly released an interview discussing various topics brought up on the show. While he takes accountability for many of his prior actions, many viewers quickly pointed out that these apologies only happened after the documentary's release.

In a way, the coverage of The Dark Side of Kids TV on Nickelodeon did seem compact through four episodes. 

Heading into Episode 5, Quiet on Set potentially opens up a Pandora's Box of former childhood actors who have the courage to share their stories.

Episode 5 of Quiet on Set: The Dark Side of Kids TV will air on ID on Sunday, April 7, then be available to stream on Max and Discovery+.

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