Spider-Verse 2 Trailer Teases 1 Major Live-Action Tie-In to Upcoming Marvel Movie

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Spider-Verse 2 Marvel Movie

One shot from the Across the Spider-Verse trailer revealed an exciting tie-in to the upcoming Marvel movie Madame Web.

Rumors and close analysis go hand-in-hand with any high-profile release. Across the Spider-Verse is one of 2023's most highly anticipated projects, and excitement for Miles Morales' next appearance is already skyrocketing.

Feverish fans have already dissected the trailer frame by frame. All sorts of links to existing Spider-Man projects are still being discovered, and Peter Parker's daughter was even unveiled in a YouTube premium exclusive.

Beyond this, there have been rumors about who could feature, including one about Tom Holland making his animated Spider-Man debut. An MCU producer teased this further, reminding fans that "anything is possible." 

However, it seems that Holland's incarnation of Peter Parker may not be the only live-action spider with a tie to Miles Morales' animated antics.

Madame Web Teased by Spider-Verse

Eagle-eyed fans spotted an exciting connection between Miles Morales and Dakota Johnson's Madame Web.

In one clip, as 2099 dashes toward Miles Morales, the hero is seen using a device resembling the Web of Life and Destiny, a crucial tool in Spider-Man lore and closely linked to the Madame Web series. 

Miles Morales runs into a blue time-travel device
Sony Pictures

This isn't the first time the Web of Life has appeared, as it was also seen in the first Spider-Verse film. 

Although many might mistake it as a pretty backdrop, avid followers of the Spider-Man comics will recognize this purple nebula-like webbing as a crucial part of the lore. 

Here, the Web of Life is a mystical force that "acts as a model of the entire Multiverse and enables travel between realities" and even gives some Spider-Man characters, like Madame Web, their powers and abilities. 

Purple and pink Web of Life
Sony Pictures

Across the Spider-Verse's version differs from its 2018 counterpart. Aspects of the original design of interconnected webs remain. However, Marvel seems to have somewhat retconned the Web of Life and given the device an overhaul more in keeping with the comics.

Web of Life surrounded by Spider-Man versions
Marvel Comics

Both offer a rendition of the Web of Life, which seems to be controlled by an eight-legged spider, which was not seen in the original Spider-Verse entry. Comic fans will also know that Spider-totems protect the Web of Life. The most famous of which is Peter Parker, but he isn't the only one tasked with its protection.

Madame Webb
Marvel Comics

Madame Web's sole purpose is to protect it by any means necessary, and it not only grants her and others the precognitive "Spider-Sense," but her mission is to deal with any threat to the multiverse's balance.

The inclusion of the Web of Life could indicate her animated appearance in the film or even have implications for Dakota Johnson's upcoming incarnation, due to release in theatres on February 16, 2024. 

Madame Web is one of many connected to Miles Morales' Spider-Verse escapades. 

The first film introduced fans to Spider-Gwen, Spider-Man Noir, Peni Parker, Spider-Ham, and two separate versions of Peter Parker.

The latest entry boasts even more appearances, including a look at PS4's Spider-Man from PlayStation's beloved exclusive, and even The Bombastic Bagman, a reference to the costume Peter Parker had to wear when he was separated from his alien symbiote by Fantastic Four's Johnny Storm.

Oscar Isaac's involvement has also been highly anticipated, with his role as Spider-Man 2099 seemingly playing a vital role in the trailer after his appearance was teased in the post-credits scene for the first film. He's now seen frenetically chasing Miles after he seemingly angers the hardened Miguel O'Hara.

Miguel O'Hara chases Miles Morales
Sony Pictures

The Web of Life certainly teases Madame Web's potential appearance and a potential tie-in, but whether she will join the growing list of appearances remains a mystery.

Fans will know when Across the Spider-Verse swings its way onto screens on June 2, 2023.

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