Spider-Man: No Way Home Reveals Exact Time Critic Reactions Go Live

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There have been plenty of questions asked about Spider-Man: No Way Home, and it is nearly time for audiences to get some answers. The third entry in the Tom Holland-starring MCU Spidey saga is set to be the young hero's biggest yet as Peter Parker and Benedict Cumberbatch's Doctor Stephen Strange get tangled in the fibers of the Multiverse.

With branching realities now at play in the MCU, No Way Home will reintroduce villains from the wall-crawler's silver screen past and possibly even include an additional Spider-Man, or two, as well

No Way Home has been a long time coming. But with pre-sale tickets out in the wild,and the press seemingly getting access to at least some of the film in the not-so-distant future, the wait looks like it is nearly over. 

While anticipation is high for the project, there is still the question of how exactly the latest adventure for the webhead will come together. Well, fans finally have an idea of when they can expect to see early impressions of the movie before they see it themselves. 

Spider-Man No Way Home Review Embargo Details

According to the Managing Editor at Cinema Blend Sean O'Connell, the review embargo for Spider-Man: No Way Home will be lifting at 10:30 pm PST on Monday, December 13. This embargo should line up perfectly with the end of the film's world premiere. 

The journalist tweeted

"Wondering about that Spider-Man: No Way Home review and social media embargo? Both have been set for Monday, December 13, at 10:30 pm PST, to coincide with the end of the World Premiere."

Good Things Come to Those Who Wait

While it has been mentioned that the press would get to see roughly 40 minutes of No Way Home before the premiere date, much has been made about the possibility of reviews being written based on those 40 minutes. This makes a lot more sense now with this news

The 40-minute showing seemed to be simply for interview purposes for pre-coverage of the film, with the first people outside of Marvel getting to see No Way Home at the world premiere

Surely at that 10:30 mark, the internet will be flooded with impressions of the Spidey threequel; however, for those looking for something a little more substantial than a 240 character tweet, the wait may be a little bit longer. 

Seeing that the world premiere will likely start around 8:00 pm PST, the embargo lifting two-and-a-half hours later leaves literal seconds for the press to put together their thoughts and send them out into the world. More in-depth reviews will likely come the next morning or afternoon as eager outlets write and edit through the night to get something published the next day. 

One might ask - why would Marvel do this? Why not have the embargo lift even 12 hours later so that the media can collect their thoughts? Well, No Way Home is sure to be an exciting ride and, instead of having to police that outlets don't reveal their feelings towards the movie early, it is probably better to have it this way and let the larger review trickle out over the 12 or 24 hours. 

In any case, for fans on media blackout, Monday, December 13 will be the day to silence Twitter mentions until they can see Spider-Man: No Way Home when it releases to the public later that week.

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