Marvel's Spider-Man 2 PS5: New Announcement Teases 5 Major Plot Points

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Spider-Man 2 Peter Parker PS5

A new announcement for the PlayStation 5’s exclusive Spider-Man 2 video game teased five new elements of the project’s story.

The first Spider-Man game for the PlayStation 4 was extremely successful and beloved by both critics and fans alike. The excitement for the sequel is at an all-time high.

The proper announcement trailer for the project revealed that both Venom and Kraven the Hunter will be two of the core villains. Additionally, both Peter Parker and Miles Morales will be playable as their respective Spider-Men.

A New Spider-Man 2 Prequel Comic

Spider-Man 2 Game Prequel Comic

Marvel announced a new prequel comic for Insomniac Games' Spider-Man 2.

The story will release on May 6 for Free Comic Book Day and follow Miles, Peter, and MJ as the trio endures some rocky events.

These new glimpses into the character’s current status quo seem to perfectly set the stage for the next chapter.

MJ Just Wrote a Book

MJ Spider-Man PS4

For one, MJ just wrote a new book—but it isn’t doing well. To help boost attention to it, she goes on a podcast with J. Jonah Jameson. The interview goes disastrously and is made even worse by two Spider-Men crashing the party while fighting the villainous Tarantula.

Meanwhile, she is working as an assistant editor for the Daily Bugle, which leads to the next piece of information: relationship drama.

Tension Between Love Birds

MJ Peter Spider-Man PS4

MJ’s position at the Daily Bugle is keeping her from moving in with Peter in Queens. Though, it seems there’s more to it than that.

The comic teases “unspoken tension” between the duo. Can they stay together long enough to make it to the second game?

Peter Is Back in Queens, Overridden With Debt

Aunt May Death Spider-Man PS4

After the events of the first game, Peter is back in Queens in the home he grew up in. Aunt May’s many debts have become the web-slinger’s responsibility after her passing, including the mortgage of the house.

To help pay the bills, the hero needs to find a new job. Perhaps he could return to the Daily Bugle in time to have a fateful run-in with Eddie Brock?

After his work with Otto Octavius, maybe Peter will find a higher calling in the field of science. This could even be the first step to the webhead founding his own tech company, Parker Industries.

Miles Worries About College

Miles Morales Spider-Man PS5

Miles Morales is still a student at Brooklyn Visions Academy, but the idea of college soon becomes too hard to ignore. With all of his friends making plans, the newly minted superhero has no idea what his future looks like.

Can one balance a higher education with being a hero? 

The Hood’s in Town

The Hood

While the duo does fight Tarantula at the beginning of the story, it seems like the main focus is on someone else entirely: the Hood.

The villain and his magical clothing accessory are wreaking havoc in New York City, causing both Spideys to wonder if magic is truly a real thing. The Hood is even getting his own gang, indicating they might be a reoccurring group when the full game hits later this year.

Fans would be absolutely ecstatic if the exploration of magic goes further than anyone would think and brings Doctor Strange into this universe. No doubt, it would be a unique surprise for players.

The Hood is actually set to debut in the MCU in the coming year, with the character playing a key role in Ironheart.

The Exciting Possibilities for Spider-Man's PlayStation Sequel

The sequel seems to have a lot on his plate. All of these mini plot points don’t even begin to touch the introduction of Kraven and a symbiote, not to mention the possible build-up to the inclusion of Green Goblin.

Fans are likely also wondering how many of these story elements might carry over into the full game.

When it comes to the new locations the story might visit, Insomniac Games would no doubt impress players if it is able to pull off a fully playable New York City. With the game being a PlayStation 5 exclusive, the technology for that kind of project is certainly there, one just needs to come around and take advantage of it.

Spider-Man 2 is expected to release sometime this fall

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