Solo Leveling Episode 8 Release Date & Remaining Schedule

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Solo Leveling Episode 8

Fans finally have an idea as to when Solo Leveling Episode 8 will be released stateside after a week's delay.

Based on the hit webtoon of the same name, the Solo Leveling anime has wowed audiences in its first season so far. 

Eight episodes in, the series has quickly become one of the surprise anime hits of the year, transporting fans to a world of hunters, monsters, and a hero who can level up his strength at will. 

Solo Leveling Episode 8 Locks in Release Date

Solo Leveling
Solo Leveling

The Solo Leveling Episode 8 release date and the remaining Season 1 schedule seemingly became clear after the series took a week off. 

Episode 8 of the hit Shunsuke Nakashige-directed series will likely debut internationally on Saturday, March 2 after the series takes a one-week break during the weekend of February 24.

The delay was confirmed by the series' X (formerly Twitter) account, revealing "Episode 8 of Solo Leveling will air on March 2nd:"

"Episode 8 of 'Solo Leveling' will air on March 2nd. But don’t worry, Episode 7.5 is here to recap anything missed in an exciting new way!"

As fans wait, a special recap titled "Episode 7.5" was released on Crunchyroll, recounting the events of the season so far. 

As has been the case with every episode so far, the latest entry into the ongoing anime adventure will first drop on the Japanese TV network Tokyo MX at midnight JST on Sunday, March 3 (10 a.m. ET on Saturday, March 2) before airing on Crunchyroll worldwide. 

Thus far, new Solo Leveling episodes have debuted on Crunchyroll moments after its Japanese TV release. Because of this, fans can expect Episode 9 to hit the service at 10 a.m. ET/7 a.m. PT on Saturday, March 2.

This is in line with past releases from the show, meaning one can expect the remaining Season 1 episodes (Episodes 10-12) to follow suit. 

Here is the assumed remaining release schedule for Solo Leveling Season 1, Part 1:

  • Episode 8 - Saturday, March 2
  • Episode 9 - Saturday, March 9
  • Episode 10 - Saturday, March 16
  • Episode 11 - Saturday, March 23
  • Episode 12 - Saturday, March 30

Is Solo Leveling Getting a Season 2?

No official confirmation for Solo Leveling has been made public, but if the series continues to resonate with audiences, there is a good chance Season 1 will not be the last fans hear from the series. 

The first season will comprise 25 episodes and be split into two parts, with this first run only being 12 episodes long. That means sometime, likely later this year, audiences can expect the rest of this first batch of episodes to drop.

The webtoon the anime is based on has 14 volumes of stories to adapt, and Season 1 will almost surely not be able to cover all of it. 

So if a Season 2 were to be greenlit, there would be plenty of Solo Leveling story left to dive into on the small screen. 

For those looking for more Solo Leveling content while they wait for a potential Season 2, there are a few outlets to explore more of the story. 

Of course, there is always the highly successful webtoon to jump into and see where the story of Sung Jin-woo goes next. All 14 volumes are available now, with only eight getting an English release. 

A sequel webtoon (and web novel) titled Solo Leveling: Ragnarok also just started online. The first 105 chapters of the sequel are available to read online, with the first entry into the webtoon set to be released imminently. 

A live-action TV series based on the webtoon is currently in development for Korean TV, but the series still seems to be some time away from release (as reported by Peak Fiction). 

With all this investment into the Solo Leveling property, a second season of the anime series feels like a given. 

Solo Leveling Season 1 is streaming now on Crunchyroll.

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