Solo Leveling Season 1 Hits Its Stride - Here's How Many Episodes Are Left

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Solo Leveling

The release date for Solo Leveling Episode 5 has been made public along with the remaining Season 1 schedule. 

The hit anime from Fairy Tail studio A-1 Pictures grabbed a hold of audiences worldwide, streaming on Crunchyroll stateside. 

In its first four episodes, fans got a glimpse into Solo Leveling's world as a special group of humans known as hunters are forced to risk their lives to take down mysterious monsters to save Earth from near-certain annihilation. 

Solo Leveling Episode 5 Coming Soon

Solo Leveling Episode 5 has been given an official release date from the Japanese TV network Tokyo MX. 

Following the success of the first four episodes of the webtoon adaptation, Tokyo MX - the network Solo Leveling airs on in Japan - confirmed Episode 5 will be available internationally on Saturday, February 3. 

Thus far, episodes of the animated series have all aired on Sundays at 12:00 a.m. JST before coming to Crunchyroll on Saturdays at 10:00 a.m. ET (because of the 14-hour time difference). 

While exact release timing has not been confirmed one can expect the series to follow this pattern for the rest of Season 1 with new episodes arriving stateside every Saturday until March, 23. 

However, it is worth noting these release dates and times are subject to change (according to Sportskeeda). 

Here is the full list of expected Solo Leveling Season 1 release dates:

  • Episode 5 - Saturday, February 3
  • Episode 6 - Saturday, February 10
  • Episode 7 - Saturday, February 17
  • Episode 8 - Saturday, February 24
  • Episode 9 - Saturday, March 2
  • Episode 10 - Saturday, March 9
  • Episode 11 - Saturday, March 16
  • Episode 12 - Saturday, March 23

What Will Happen Next in Solo Leveling?

While Solo Leveling may be new to many anime fans, the series has been long-running, telling its story in the form of a webtoon since 2018. 

So, for those itching to know where the show will go next, there are resources out there breaking down the entire nine-volume run. 

Fans are expecting Season 1 of the anime to cover at least the 'Job Change' arc of the webtoon, following the show's central hunter Jinwoo as he is tasked with navigating a new instant dungeon where he goes up against a mysterious red knight. 

Thus far in the television adaptation, audiences have gotten but a taste of this Solo Leveling arc, introducing the world of hunters, monsters, and dungeons. 

Episode 4 saw Jinwoo power up on-screen truly for the first time. This levelling-up teased the potential of the series protagonist, despite him still believing he is the weakest hunter out there. 

As the anime goes forward, Season 1 will surely see Jinwoo begin to realize the power and potential he possesses as a hunter, and the 'Job Change' arc Red Knight (along with his army) feels like a great first antagonist to prove that. 

No word of a second season has been made public for the Solo Leveling anime yet, but given its popularity so far, it would not be all that surprising if all nine volumes of the source material eventually make it to the screen.

Solo Leveling Episode 5 will be available to stream on Crunchyroll on Saturday, February 3.

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