Solo Leveling Season 2: Will More Episodes Ever Release?

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Audiences sit with bated breath for news on the release of Solo Leveling Season 2. 

The hit anime from A-1 Pictures has wowed fans since its debut in January 2024. The series has been one of the biggest standouts for the medium of the year, as it adapts the story told by the popular sci-fi webtoon of the same name. 

With Season 1 rounding out its run at the end of March, no official announcement for Season 2 has been made public, but that is not to say it will never happen. 

Latest Solo Leveling Season 2 Updates

Solo Leveling
Solo Leveling

Despite no confirmation of Solo Leveling Season 2, there is plenty of evidence the hit anime series is primed for a sophomore release. 

The series has long been rumored to be split into two parts (similar to the uber-popular SpyxFamily), meaning a Season 2 may already be in the works. 

According to CEO of D&C Media Choi Won-young, the company behind the Solo Leveling webtoon, Season 2 of the anime is "scheduled to air within the year" (via Hank Yung):

"Choi Won-young, CEO of D&C Media (age 55), said this in an interview with the Korea Economic Daily on the 5th. D&C Media is a web novel and webtoon powerhouse with a lot of killer content such as ‘In this life, I will become the head of the family’ and ‘The only ending for a villain is death’. On the 7th, season 1 of the 'Solo Leveling' animation was aired simultaneously in Japan, Korea, the United States, France, Taiwan, and Vietnam, raising expectations for this year’s performance. Season 2 is also scheduled to air within the year."

While not a confirmation of a Season 2, comments like these make it seem like a second season is on the way. 

Anime insider Chromefire - who has previously revealed accurate details about the series - posted on X (formerly Twitter) that they had heard the next chapter in the Solo Leveling story (whether that be Season 2 or Part 2 of Season 1) had been delayed internally, listing a 2025 release date:

"The story truly starts MOVING after the first Arise!

Bummer we'll have to wait until 2025 for Cour 2."

There have been several teases out there as well. In a documentary for Season 1 new character art was revealed for Baru, a character who is unlikely to appear in Season 1, hinting at plans for more Solo Leveling beyond the first batch of episodes.

The concept art from the documentary has since been replaced possibly indicating that this early 'reveal' was a mistake.

What Will Happen in Solo Leveling Season 2?

With Season 2 having not yet been officially rubberstamped (at least publicly), it remains unknown exactly where the hit anime will go next. 

It is assumed Season 1 will end with the Job Change arc from the webtoon the series is based on, following protagonist Jimwoo as he comes to blows with the mysterious Red Knight Army. 

Season 2 is primed to dive into some meaty narrative beats from the Solo Leveling webtoon. 

Paramount of these will likely be the Jeju Island Arc and the Return to Demon Castle Arc. 

Both of these chapters in the Solo Leveling story see Jimwoo continue to grow in power, putting his monster-slaying capabilities to the test unlike ever before in some of the biggest raids the amateur hunter has ever been on. 

While Jimwoo continues his quest to be the best hunter in South Korea, Season 2 will supposedly offer glimpses into the origins of Jimwoo's powers and why he was chosen to be the powerful player he has become. 

From there, the series may not be done, with 22 total story arcs to tackle if the anime wants to make it through the webtoon's initial run. 

Season 1 only touched on the first seven of these arcs, and Season 2 will likely take on about the same amount of narrative load. 

That means after a thrilling second season, there is the possibility the Solo Leveling team dive back in one more time for a potential third season to round out the show's story.

Solo Leveling is now streaming on Crunchyroll.

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