Rachel Zegler's Snow White Movie Gets Disappointing Release Update (Report)

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Snow White Rachel Zegler

The upcoming Disney live-action remake of Snow White, starring Rachel Zegler and Gal Gadot, could be delayed.

Zegler has recently been in hot water from Disney purists, as the 22-year-old actress admitted that she has only seen the original 1937 animated classic once because she was "scared."

During an interview at D23, she characterized Prince Charming as "a man who actively shadows her." She labeled that aspect of the film as "weird" and confirmed they “didn’t do that this time.”

For the 2024 remake, Zegler - who will be portraying Snow White herself - reminded audiences that “it’s no longer 1937” and the Disney Princess was "not going to be dreaming about true love. She’s dreaming about becoming the leader she knows she can be." Such comments have made Snow White one of Disney's most controversial live-action remakes months ahead of its planned Spring 2024 release.

Snow White's 2024 Release Date in Doubt

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In Matt Belloni's latest newsletter for Puck, he stated that Rachel Zegler's Snow White, set to release on March 22, 2024, will "almost certainly move off that date." 

This comes in the wake of Warner Bros. delaying Dune: Part Two from November 3, 2023, to March 15, 2024, due to the ongoing writers' and actors' strikes.

Opening a week after the Dune sequel may not be ideal, especially in a crowded March 2024.

As Belloni pointed out, a lot could be shaken up by Disney in 2024. Deadpool 3 is currently set for May 3, 2024, a prime date that could be given up because the upcoming film starring Hugh Jackman and Ryan Reynolds likely won't be ready by then.

Snow White may get pushed back to that early May slot, a realistic possibility because the film is set to undergo reshoots before hitting theaters.

Will the Live Action Snow White be a Success?

The pre-approval rating for the Snow White remake is already trending down. Disney is in a tricky situation in terms of these (highly successful) live-action reimaginings. 

Fans will hate if too much is changed, potentially "ruining" the original, but it's also not good enough to just make a shot-for-shot remake with real-life actors and CGI animals.

Based on Zegler's comments, Snow White is going to be making some dramatic changes from the original Disney classic, something that hasn't necessarily been welcomed since the "controversial" quotes came out.

Regardless of these early reactions to the leading star, no trailer has been released yet which could completely alter how fans see the film and may generate excitement.

When will Snow White be released? The tentative date is March 22, 2024, but don't be surprised if the Disney blockbuster hits theaters sometime during the summer of 2024.

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