Smiling Friends Season 2 Episode 2 Release Date & Remaining Schedule

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Charlie Dompler in Smiling Friends

Adult Swim's Smiling Friends is back for Season 2, and fans are wondering when Episode 2 will be released along with the remaining schedule for the sophomore effort. 

Created by YouTube creator Zach Handel and animator Michael Cusack, Smiling Friends brings its off-putting, sometimes creepy sense of humor to Adult Swim and Max, following a business with the mission to bring happiness to people by any means necessary. 

Season 1 premiered back in 2022 before making its way to Max (HBO Max at the time) later in the run. Season 2 made its surprising debut on April Fool's Day 2024, a little more than two years after its official announcement. 

Smiling Friends Season 2 Episode 2 Release Info

 Pim Pimling in Smiling Friends Season 2
Smiling Friends

New information on the release of Smiling Friends Season 2, Episode 2 has been revealed following the debut of its season premiere. 

According to a press release from Warner Bros. Discovery, the hit Adult Swim series will return on Sunday, May 12 with the second episode of Season 2. 

Season 2, Episode 2 will air on the network at midnight PT/ 3 a.m. ET before streaming on Max and being made available for digital purchase the following day on Monday, May 13. 

At the time of writing, it is unclear if the rest of Season 2's episodes will drop on those dates; however, it is highly likely. 

All of Season 1 aired/was released on the same day in 2022. Given the Warner Bros. press release mentions "new episodes" will start streaming on May 13, indicating the release of more than one, this could be the first indication of the entire season dropping on May 13:

"Beginning May 13, new episodes of 'Smiling Friends' will be available to stream on Max and to purchase on Digital."

It has also not been revealed just how many episodes Season 2 will consist of, though a listing on the Entertainment Identifier Resigstry (the EIDR) for the series has Season 2 marked at 17 total episodes. 

It wouldn't be surprising to see only some of these new installments released on May 13, with further episodes dropping at later dates.

What To Expect in Smiling Friends Season 2?

Despite fans having now seen the first episode of Simling Friends Season 2, it remains uncertain just what to expect in this next batch of episode; however, that is part of the charm of the series. 

Smiling Friends Season 1, while featuring the same characters and a fairly cohesive story, was notably varied from episode-to-epiosde.

And that diversity is set to continue into Season 2. 

The second season kicked off with a new animation style to the series, showing up on April Fool's Day as a stop-motion puppeting adventure. 

As revealed at a New York Comic-Con panel from 2023 (via Toonhive), Season 2 will sport "a variety of animation styles," including "2D, 3D, stop motion and live-action:"

"Season 2 of 'Smiling Friends' will feature a variety of animation styles, including 2D, 3D, stop motion and live-action content."

That means that as fans continue to follow Pim Pimling, Charlie Dompler, and friends helping to bring happiness to the world, every new episode (when they do eventually release) will look different from the last. 

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Smiling Friends Season 2, Episode 2 is streaming now on Max. 

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