She-Hulk Season 2: Marvel Actor Addresses Return Prospects

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She-Hulk Season 2 MCU

A She-Hulk actor commented on his Disney+ role and whether he would return for She-Hulk: Attorney at Law Season 2 and beyond. 

The MCU may be a superhero franchise, but part of its genius is that it explores various genres, and one of the best examples is She-Hulk.

The premise of a Disney+ legal-comedy series allowed for various comedic superhero cameos, and one of the most memorable was Eugene Patilio's Leap-Frog, played by Brandon Stanley. 

Now that She-Hulk has come and gone, and as the MCU heads into Phase 5, the Marvel actor addressed whether he would return to his slapstick, comic-book role.

Will She-Hulk Star Leap Back Into the MCU?

She-Hulk, Leap-Frog

When asked on Instagram whether he would return in a potential She-Hulk Season 2, Leap-Frog's Brandon Stanley replied, "I'm not sure. But if the call comes....I'll be ready."

This isn't the first time the Marvel actor fielded questions about his return. 

In an interview with FandomWire, he commented on a dream team-up between Leap-Frog and Deadpool, saying, "I know I could work good with that guy... that's a blockbuster waiting to happen:"

“I told my best friend, James… and I was like, ‘Dude, if they made a Deadpool movie with Leap-Frog, like me and Ryan Reynolds would sit there for like 30 minutes just on one line of dialogue, just going completely off, and just bouncing.’ I know I could work good with that guy, because I feel like we have a very similar sense of humor. Ryan, if you’re watching, I’m telling you: that’s a blockbuster waiting to happen.”

Apart from Hugh Jackman's role and the presence of the Multiverse, no one knows exactly what Ryan Reynolds has planned for Deadpool 3. And, interestingly enough, the same can be said for Marvel Studios' plans for She-Hulk moving forward.

As of now, a second season has yet to be announced, and Marvel hasn't confirmed when and where Tatiana Maslany's heroine will return. 

Regardless of whether the 2022 Disney+ series is the end of Leap-Frog, Brandon Stanley referred to his MCU cameo as "the role of a lifetime:"

“This is the role of a lifetime and it’s the funniest role I’ve done... to be part of the MCU is great but to be part of 'She-Hulk,' that’s what’s awesome."

Stanley continued, praising She-Hulk's "female-driven team" and how it's been "an honor to work with all of these powerful female figures:"

“We are about to see just like a powerhouse you can have when you have a female-driven team and like the writing, Jessica Gao, oh my god, she is perfect; such a great comedic writer. It’s such an honor to work with all of these powerful female figures here in the industry.”

The MCU's Plan For She-Hulk Stars

While the jury is still out on whether Marvel Studios' legal comedy will make a comeback, it's always great to hear that a Marvel actor not only enjoyed their experience but appreciated it and is eager for more. 

The best odds for a Leap-Frog return would be in Season 2 of She-Hulk, especially since the character appeared in the same episode as Charlie Cox's Daredevil

However, the only Disney+ series to receive a second season thus far has been Loki; and given She-Hulk's divisive reception, a Season 2 is probably not at the top of Marvel Studios' to-do list. 

Another option that the actor didn't mention is Daredevil: Born Again, which is already underway for the streamer. 

With its record-breaking 18 episodes, there's plenty of time for the MCU to squeeze in a She-Hulk character cameo, especially since the two have already crossed paths. 

For now, only time will tell whether Marvel audiences will see Brandon Stanley "Ribbit and Rip It" once more; but in the meantime, it sure doesn't hurt for the actor to let Marvel Studios know he would leap at the chance. 

All episodes of She-Hulk: Attorney at Law are available to stream on Disney+.

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