She-Hulk Gets Awarded With VFX Nom, And Fans Can’t Believe It

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She-Hulk Marvel VFX

Surprisingly, Marvel StudiosShe-Hulk: Attorney at Law received a nomination for an award honoring the show’s VFX.

To say the Tatiana Maslany-led series was divisive would be an understatement. For every person that loved it, there was someone who hated it.

One aspect of the series that drew ire was the subpar special effects work seen throughout. She-Hulk herself sometimes looked rubbery, fake, and out of place. Sure, there were moments when it all looked great, but they weren’t as plentiful as they should have been.

Despite that, the MCU project has now officially been recognized for its special effects works.

She-Hulk's VFX Gets Recognized

She-Hulk TV VFX

Nominations for the 21st annual Visual Effects Society Awards have been announced, and they include one surprising recipient: She-Hulk: Attorney at Law.

The recent Marvel Studios Disney+ series was nominated for Oustanding Animated Character in an Episode, Commercial, or Real-Time Project. The other candidates can be seen below:

  • She-Hulk: Attorney at Law: She-Hulk – Elizabeth Bernard, Jan Philip Cramer,
  • Edwina Ting, Andrew Park
  • Skull & Bones: Sam – Jonas Skoog, Jonas Törnqvist, Goran Milic, Jonas Vikström
  • The Callisto Protocol: Jacob Lee – Martin Contel, Glauco Longhi, Jorge Jimenez, Atsushi Seo
  • The Umbrella Academy: Pogo – AIdan Martin, Hannah Dockerty, Olivier Beierlein, Miae Kang

Reddit user BrettPlayMC attributed the nomination to the lead of the show being CGI, which they "kinda" understood:

"I get why kinda; She-Hulk being the lead of the show. What are the other nominations though?"

Mculegend27 begged people to "please tell [them] that this is a joke."

Moose-bank noted that they "loved the show" but "no way was it award-winning work:"

"Oh boy... I loved the show and had no problem with the VFX given the platform and budget, but no way was it award-winning work."

Another user, Isidhu1010, pointed out that Moon Knight's "Khonshu should [have been] nominated:"

"Khonshu should [have been] nominated, he looks incredible in MK."

Difficult_Maybe_18 also mentioned how they believe "Moon Knight deserves it a little more:"

"Honestly as much as I loved 'She-Hulk', I think 'Moon Knight' deserves it a little more but to each it’s own."

Vinnybawbaw mentioned how the series "was great," but that those compliments didn't always extend to the VFX on display:

"She-Hulk was great but CGI was REALLY bad at times ngl."

So, how did the show get nominated? Audreyseymour theorized that Marvel "probably submitted the finale episode," where "[She-Hulk] looked fantastic."

Doylgaafs had a more positive outlook, explaining that "She-Hulk looked AMAZING at her best:"

"It’s deserved, She-Hulk looked AMAZING at her best. People all just stuck on criticizing the show for a couple of scenes. It definitely didn’t work that well in bright light in her office, but it was outstanding in Donny Blaze episode, 8th episode and 9th episode. At the wedding and therapy it looked very good, in the first episode it looked good too."

Some, including Superking22, felt that the team "deserve[d] it for the abuse and crap" they've gone through:

"The special effects team deserve it for the abuse and crap Marvel has put on the VFX artists."

Should She-Hulk Have Been Nominated?

It is safe to say that it feels completely out of place for She-Hulk to have received this nomination.

Even for those who loved the show, its VFX was still undeniably wonky throughout.

While, yes, VFX workers have been treated poorly in the industry as of late, that doesn’t change the fact the final product simply wasn’t the best it could be.

As one of the above Reddit comments pointed out, it would have made far more sense for the nomination to have gone to Moon Knight. The work on characters such as Khonshu and Taweret was nothing short of astonishing.

But will She-Hulk walk away with a win? One would probably assume not, but it did make the list in the first place, so anything could happen.

She-Hulk: Attorney at Law is now streaming on Disney+.

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