Is She-Hulk Getting Worse? Why Some Fans Think So

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Quality has never been a more hotly debated topic regarding the MCU than now as Phase 4 nears its end. After Avengers: Endgame and the Infinity Saga, Marvel Studios left itself a high bar to match with Phase 4, but many believe the latest batch of blockbuster movies and Disney+ series haven't delivered.

Between divisive CGI, arguments over short runtimes, and the term "woke" constantly being thrown around, Phase 4 just isn't landing for a lot of fans. She-Hulk: Attorney at Law, Marvel Studios' latest Disney+ series, has been no exception as viewers lay into its comedy, handling of Hulk, and "cringe" nature.

The series began with a heavy focus on She-Hulk's connections to Hulk during her origin story before turning focus to Abomination's parole case. But the show has since begun to follow a "case of the week" format with stories such as Wong vs. Blaze - which was packed with Ghost Rider references - and Walters vs. Titania.

She-Hulk Megan Thee Stallion

Perhaps the strongest division in the fan base came with Episode 3 as Pug entered a legal battle with a shape-shifting Light Elf who posed as Megan Thee Stallion. The case ultimately led to the infamous She-Hulk twerking scene that failed to resonate with many and stirred up viral controversy.

So, as the last three episodes have all proven divisive across social media after Marvel Studios' latest launched to a strong reception, that begs the question, is She-Hulk getting worse? Well, some fans certainly seem to think so.

Why Do People Think She-Hulk is Getting Worse?

Following intense viral criticism of She-Hulk: Attorney at Law, particularly targeting recent episodes of the Disney+ series, some MCU enthusiasts have taken to Twitter to share their opinion that the legal comedy is getting worse with each passing installment.

The argument for She-Hulk's deteriorating quality can be seen reflected in the average IMDB ratings for each episode. The first five installments gradually decreased in rating from Episode 1's 6.5 to Episode 5's 5.4. The fourth installment was the only exception as it saw a slight bump on its predecessor.

She-Hulk IMDB

On Twitter, @ltheghost responded to a clip of the She-Hulk vs. Titania trial from Episode 5 by sharing that they thought the quality is deteriorating and the "show is really getting hard to watch:"

"It’s like every episode is getting worse. This show is really getting hard to watch."

@christos77 shared a similar sentiment that the show is getting "dangerously close to being unwatchable" as "each new episode is worse than the previous:"

"The She-Hulk series is getting dangerously close to being unwatchable. Seems like each new episode is worse then the previous. Anyways keep up the great work on House of the Dragon."

@MGTAGS called the latest episode "one of the worse 40 minutes of television [they've] ever seen" and said that the series is "taking time with nonsense:"

"I try not to tweet negative things out into the world but the newest episode of She-Hulk might be one of the worse 40 minutes of television I’ve ever seen. I don’t understand the point of this show. If they aren’t getting to a point, they are taking time with nonsense."

@HassanAlMahmeed noted how "every episode left [them] feeling so unsatisfied" as the show gets "worse and worse:"

"She-hulk keeps getting worse and worse. Every episode left me feeling so unsatisfied."

@RobotShlomo described She-Hulk as "getting worse" but also suggested their belief that the quality of the show was already low:

"Dear God, She-Hulk is getting worse. If that's even possible."

@eicstasy praised the premiere but noted the gradual decline since as it becomes "painful to watch." The user also offered their disdain for Thor: Love and Thunder as well and said "comedic elements ruin (almost) anything:"

"Just finished watching She-Hulk, the first episode was decent but getting worse each episode. So painful to watch, this is a new low for Marvel after Thor: Love and Thunder which the one and only redeeming thing about new Thor movie is the villain played by Christian Bale, what about the other thing? Meh.. comedic elements ruin (almost) anything."

@JohnnieMonkey drew particular attention to the CGI "getting worse," referencing one specific example. They also criticized She-Hulk for "[getting] fluffier," describing how it is in line with recent comics but makes the show "quite forgettable:"

"I think the CGI on She-Hulk is actually getting worse. Like, she just walked down some stairs next to someone. Looked like an insert of her bobbing down an escalator. The show itself continues to get fluffier. Which is in keeping with the comics (at least from the Byrne era onward), but does make it sort of "of the moment" and quite forgettable."

@Cal_McFab also criticized the worsening CGI and called the show "so goofy" but said that they still "can't help but watch:"

"She-Hulk is so goofy and the CGI has gotten worse as the series has progressed but I can’t help but watch."

Can She-Hulk Redeem Itself in Four Episodes?

She-Hulk, Daredevil, Disney+
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So, it appears many are sharing in this belief that She-Hulk is getting worse with each passing episode, but will the remaining four installments salvage the show? Well, one first has to consider what's still to come in the remaining episodes.

The mystery of the Wrecking Crew's boss is still to be uncovered, Titania still has a score to settle, and She-Hulk has yet to properly assume her superhero identity. Meanwhile, Mark Ruffalo's Hulk appears placed to come back, Abomination still has more story left to tell, and Daredevil will be the icing on the cake of it all.

She-Hulk clearly has plenty left to wrap up in the next four weeks, including connections to the most beloved parts of the early episodes and things fans have been waiting years for. But that may not be enough to salvage the season as the tone and humor - two elements that are unlikely to change - remain controversial.

If these same comedic elements are applied to Charlie Cox's Matt Murdock, aka Daredevil, as they appear to be, then the show ought to only further deteriorate in the public eye. The dark and gritty elements of the Man Without Fear that were pivotal to the Netflix show have grown synonymous with the character after all.

There's no telling yet how this belief of She-Hulk getting worse may be affecting the Disney+ viewing figures, but that may impact hopes of a Season 2 renewal. If Marvel Studios does ultimately grant the show another chance, as the show clearly lends itself to multiple seasons, there ought to be major changes to come.

Perhaps the biggest problem with She-Hulk right now is its lack of commitment to any of its key elements within a short runtime. The superhero moments are fleeting, minimal time is spent in court for a legal show, any MCU links were left behind in the early episodes, and the comedy doesn't seem to be landing for most.

Simply put, She-Hulk is trying to do too much in not enough time, leading to a failure to fully explore any of its core aspects in enough depth. Perhaps these later episodes may end up being longer, if not, there could be a struggle to properly wrap up the story in a satisfying way, but only time will tell.

The first five episodes of She-Hulk: Attorney at Law are streaming now, exclusively on Disney+.

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