She-Hulk Reveals First Official MCU Funko Pops

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She-Hulk, Funko Pops

She-Hulk: Attorney at Law's marketing has been in full blast in recent weeks, with Marvel and Disney unveiling various trailers and TV spots to promote the arrival of the Tatiana Maslany-led series. The MCU show has been on the receiving end of positive reception from fans and critics, with early reactions praising its fun tone and the performance of its lead star. 

She-Hulk's momentum didn't stop there as the hype for the show's premiere continued due to Chris Evans' latest reaction toward a major Steve Rogers reveal. In addition, speculation about the show's place in the MCU puzzle also became a topic of conversation among fans due to its inclusion of many Easter eggs in its debut episode. 

Now, to build more anticipation for the series, a special batch of collectibles has arrived. 

She-Hulk Funkos Highlight Disney+ Series' Main Trio

Funko officially unveiled three new vinyl collectibles for She-Hulk: Attorney at Law, showcasing fresh looks at Mark Ruffalo's Bruce Banner, Tatiana Maslany's Jennifer Walters, and Ginger Gonzaga's Nikki. 

Jennifer Walters is ready to defend superhumans in this latest new Funko Pop! figure:  

Tatiana Maslany as Jennifer Walters

Pre-order the new Jennifer Walters Funko Pop! here.

Smart Hulk appears to be wearing a new suit in this new Funko figure, seemingly hinting that the Avenger will don this costume at some point in the series: 


Pre-order the new Smart Hulk Funko Pop! here.

Nikki, Jennifer Walters' best friend in the series, receives her own vinyl collectible: 


Pre-order the new Nikki Funko Pop! here.

The first wave of She-Hulk Funko Pops is set to arrive sometime in November 2022. 

Which Other She-Hulk Characters Will Receive Funkos?

This first batch of She-Hulk Funko Pops! offers an impressive preview of the show's main characters.

It's notable that Tatiana Maslany's Jennifer Walters is in her human form in this vinyl collectible, meaning that Funko wants to cement her identity as an attorney first before her superhero alter-ego. 

Meanwhile, Smart Hulk's new suit could be deemed as a spoiler for some, since it's possible that this costume will be worn during one of the final episodes of the series. Still, this could be an unused costume for the Marvel hero, with Funko still releasing it due to the character's significant role in Episode 1. 

While Ginger Gonzaga's Nikki had a minor role in the first episode, the fact that the character received her own Funko collectible means that she will play a major part in Walters' double life in the coming installments. Trailers have already teased the pair's dynamic, and there's a chance that Nikki could become a valuable sidekick that will help Jen win her cases and battles outside the court. 

Given the tradition of seeing more MCU Funko Pops down the line, other She-Hulk characters could also receive the same treatment.

Charlie Cox's Daredevil is a solid contender, and a Funko showcasing the hero's new yellow and red threads could be worth pre-ordering for Marvel diehards. Tim Roth's Abomination and Jameela Jamil's Titania are other potential locks to receive a Funko, considering their major roles moving forward. 

She-Hulk: Attorney at Law's first episode is now streaming on Disney+.

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