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She-Hulk: Attorney at Law is the next MCU project out of the gate. The series centers around Jennifer Walters, a lawyer and cousin to Dr. Bruce Banner aka, the Hulk. As has been glimpsed in promotional material for the She-Hulk, Jen inadvertently takes in some of Bruce's blood after a car accident and becomes a Hulk herself.

Speaking of promos for the show, several of them have shown scenes set in a tropical locale where Banner seems to be training Jennifer to master her newfound super strength. One such instance depicts Bruce (in his Smart Hulk form) picking up a large boulder and tossing it, only for Jen to pick up another rock and lob it further than Bruce had. Some viewers immediately seized upon this moment as evidence that Marvel Studios made She-Hulk stronger than Dr. Banner and began letting the reactionary complaints fly.

She Hulk boulder

But a new thirty-second advertisement should put those claims to rest.

New She-Hulk Promo Shows Banner's Strength

A new promo video for She-Hulk: Attorney at Law features a longer version of the boulder-throwing scene discussed above. In the sequence, after Jen picks up a huge rock and throws it, Bruce does the same, only his goes flying off into the lower atmosphere.

Smart Hulk strength

This has seemingly put the grumbling from certain audience members to rest, as evidenced by the Twitter reactions below.

@Tim_Eagon expects that this clip will silence some of the critics ahead of the show's release:

"People bitching for weeks about how the original trailer made the Hulk look weak and he literally launches a boulder into orbit in this trailer."

She Hulk boulder

@Dylbert0 pokes a bit of fun at the situation:

"Marvel stans in hideout after saying smart hulk is weak and seeing this"

@AbandonedLizard calls out Cosmic Book News for their comparison of the two leading heroes

"@cosmicbooknews You were saying about She-Hulk being better than Smart Hulk?"

The full new ad can be seen below, with the bold sequence starting right at the :04 mark:

Who's Stronger, Jen or Bruce?

The question of whether She-Hulk is more powerful than the Hulk is bound to have been asked innumerable times since the first trailer for She-Hulk dropped. But honestly, does it really even matter?

The individuals who have a problem with the idea that Jen could have more innate strength than Bruce Banner should probably take a step back and remember that these are just fun comic book shows and movies and that they shouldn't be taken seriously enough that one would actually be upset about something like this.

She Hulk boulder

Besides, there are several different explanations as to why Walters initially threw her boulder farther than Bruce. He's been the Hulk for years and has gotten an excellent handle on his strength and abilities, whereas Jen is new to the game and obviously wouldn't know her own strength in the first few days on the job. In fact, it's not that much of a leap to guess that both characters are probably on equal footing in terms of physical strength.

Additionally, neither Jen nor Bruce were angry in that scene, they were calm and collected, Bruce probably even more so, given the context. Hulks get stronger the angrier they become, so it's reasonable to say that Banner just wasn't ticked off to access enough power until Jen "showed him up," at which point, the rock likely got thrown into space. 

Marvel Studios' She-Hulk: Attorney at Law will land exclusively on Disney+, with its first episode premiering on Thursday, August 18.

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