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She-Hulk episode 2

Marvel Studios is now officially underway with its final Disney+ show of Phase 4, She-Hulk: Attorney at Law, after the premiere of Episode 1. The show earned impressive viewership numbers, particularly considering the review-bombing that Episode 1 had to deal with for the past few weeks, with more exciting plot details now on the way in Episode 2.

By the end of Episode 1, fans got Jennifer Walters' full origin story as she accidentally got her powers before seeing her Hulk out and taking Jameela Jamil's Titania out for the first time in the courtroom. While there is still some mystery about where things will go following that incident, her powers are now out in the open after an epic ending to She-Hulk's first week.

Now, with only a short time until Episode 2 makes its way to the public, fans have their first look at where the MCU's greenest lawyer is headed following her introduction.

Marvel Releases Clip from She-Hulk Episode 2

Update: Another clip from She-Hulk's second episode has been officially released, this one showing Jennifer Walters in human form enduring a family dinner after her relatives find out about her superhero powers:

Rotten Tomatoes released the first full clip from Episode 2 of Marvel Studios' She-Hulk: Attorney at Law on Disney+.

In the clip, Steve Coulter's Holden Holloway walks with Jennifer Walters in his own law firm, which he describes as the first one to open a division solely focused on "superhuman law:"

"We are the first top-tier law firm to launch an entire division dedicated to superhuman law."

This leads to a long bit of dialogue from the titular heroine, almost all of it coming in a fourth-wall break.

She-Hulk Clip, Episode 2
Marvel Studios

Embracing her new She-Hulk body in a work suit, Jennifer asks the audience if they only hired her due to the fact that she's a superhuman herself:

"God, is this why they hired me? Ok, this sucks. I am totally qualified, but now everyone around here is always going to think this is the only reason I got the job. It’s so unfair."

She-Hulk Clip, Episode 2
Marvel Studios

Even with Jennifer monologuing well within earshot, Holloway doesn't seem to notice her talking to the audience before he asks her what she thinks of her new gig. Replying with an uneasy "I'm...agnostic," the leading hero already appears nervous about how she's going to fit in at her new place of work:

"I’ll spend the rest of the year worrying about what I just said."

She-Hulk Clip, Episode 2
Marvel Studios

The full clip can be seen below:

She-Hulk Tears Fourth Wall Down

Fans got just a taste of She-Hulk's fourth-wall breaking prowess in Episode 1, as Jennifer took a moment alone in her office to lay out her story and help fans catch up on where she was at that point in her life. This clip confirms that this was only the start of how she would use this fan-favorite TV trope, showing a different way of using it this time around.

While her new boss could simply be focused deeply on getting Jen settled in at his firm, he didn't notice one bit of her extended dialogue as she explained her situation to the audience. Getting this TV trope right is a tricky task, especially with She-Hulk being the first MCU character to use it on such a regular basis, but seeing it used like this here will only have fans more intrigued to see how she continues to do so.

On top of the fourth-wall break, Episode 2 looks to be setting Jennifer up for where she will go the rest of the series as she takes on the challenge of representing superpowered individuals, bringing her career and superhero status into one world. This opens the door to her interactions with the Abomination, Wong, and Matt Murdock, and it will be the first step to where this show goes over the coming years.

Episode 2 of She-Hulk: Attorney at Law will debut on Disney+ on Thursday, August 25.

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