She-Hulk’s Daredevil Designer Teases Return In Upcoming Episodes

By Matt Roembke Updated:
She-Hulk Daredevil costume designer

Love it or hate it, She-Hulk: Attorney at Law has expanded the Marvel Cinematic Universe with every episode. Nearly four phases down, and the MCU has built the most extensive and deep rosters in cinematic history. 

New heroes such as Jennifer Walters (aka She-Hulk) and Matt Murdock (aka Daredevil) are going to suit up and cement themselves as major players in the red brand. But world-building does not stop there. 

Marvel Studios has proven time and time again that the supplemental characters of the MCU are just as important as the characters with top billing. Episode 5 of She-Hulk just introduced another role player that might have a bigger impact than fans realize. 

Luke Jacobson, Superhero Designer

Daredevil Luke Jacobson

In a recent interview with ABC13 Houston, actor Griffin Matthews, who played superhero fashion designer Luke Jacobson in Episode 5 of She-Hulk: Attorney at Law, talked about how he is able to contain his excitement of being a part of the MCU:

“Um, you don’t. You just scream. I mean, you know what’s funny is that I didn’t actually know when I was auditioning for the show, I didn’t know what was happening. They keep everything very, very secret. I did not get excited until they were like, ’So, let me tell you who you are.’”

This is common amongst all Marvel Studios projects as secrecy is what allows for the big reveal moments the MCU is known for. 

Griffin went on to confirm that he'll be returning in at least one upcoming episode where "Luke wreaks havoc:"

“It’s like, I can’t say anything, but they just said, ‘Griffin, don’t say anything.’ What I can say is, he’s really funny. What I can say is that he and She-Hulk have a moment. And I’m just excited for people to see the humor of Luke… He is a light. Luke wreaks havoc in [Episode] 5. 5 and beyond.”

The Future of Superhero Fashion in the MCU

Confident, flashy, eccentric, and particularly stubborn about the art of tailoring the heroes of the world. These are just a few of the many similarities between Luke Jacobson and The Incredibles' Edna Mode. 

The cliffhanger of She-Hulk Episode 5 has led many fans to believe that Matt Murdock will be arriving in Episode 6, and Luke Jacobson will be the one giving him his new (comic-accurate) yellow suit. Along with Jacobson seemingly giving Jen Walters her first super suit, the new seamstress of heroes is already making an impact. 

This quote hints that this could be just the beginning of Griffin Matthews' character. The Incredibles had Edna Mode. Matt Murdock had Melvin Potter back in New York where they allowed Netflix. Even the Avengers relied on Tony Stark for their threads. 

Luke Jacobson could make an impact dressing the New Avengers of the Multiverse Saga. However, he is far from the first to style superheroes in Phase 4. 

The Wakandans gifted the new Captain America winged suit to Sam Wilson in The Falcon and the Winter Soldier. The LARPers developed the new Hawkeye costumes for both Clint Barton and Kate Bishop. And even Muneeba Khan developed the first suit for Kamala Khan in Ms. Marvel. 

While fans love when a suit has a purpose and meaning behind it, Jacobson could play a huge role in style upgrades for Earth's Mightiest Heroes moving forward. 

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