Shazam 2 Director Shares Hilarious 'Leaked' Video of Script's Final Page

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While 2021 will be a somewhat slow year for the DCEU with The Suicide Squad as its only release, the following two years are set to expand on the controversial franchise in a big way. The next few months in particular will be big with multiple movies kicking off production, including Black Adam this week with The Flash not far behind.

Included in this group of projects beginning production soon is Shazam!: Fury of the Gods, which will bring back Zachary Levi for his second starring effort within the DC Extended Universe. Alongside him will be Hollywood icons like Helen Mirren and Lucy Liu in villainous roles, although there are still very few details about what the film's plot will bring.

While those casting specifics may not come for a while, a "leak" has just revealed that... Freddy Freeman takes on the role of Batman in the film's final scene??? Hold on a second...


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A recent post on the DCEU Leaks subreddit page titled "Leaked video from Shazam 2 production office!! (Ending spoiler?!)" shared a 30-second video of a person filming themselves in an office.

In the clip, this person hurriedly walks down a hallway and into director David F. Sandberg's office for Shazam!: Fury of the Gods. They find the "script" for the movie in a binder on Sandberg's desk, open it, and flip to the last page, revealing the following lines:

As rays of the sun come through the broken rook, they illuminate the deserted Hall of Justice.

Mary: I am Mary.

Eugene: Mary is right. This place has been deserted for years.

Freddy picks up Batman’s dusty cowl from the ground.

Freddy: But…This doesn’t make any sense.

Billy: Or maybe it does…

They all look to Billy.

Billy (cont’d): I guess the real Justice League was the friends we made along the way.

Wait a second...

Redditors soon realized that the account who "leaked" this video was none other than director David F. Sandberg himself, clearly playing a great joke on the fandom community.

The full video posted by Sandberg can be watched below:



Sandberg is known to have quite a fun time working on his movies within the DCEU, and this is a way he's showing his funny side and giving fans a little tease before filming starts. 

The characters that appear in the scene certainly make sense, considering it's Billy Batson and three of his foster siblings that were introduced in the original 2019 solo movie. However, the fact that they all find the abandoned Hall of Justice together is clearly something that wouldn't actually be used in a full-blown DCEU film.

Although this video is meant purely for laughs, Sandberg and his team appear to be gearing up for an extensive production run for this exciting sequel. Zachary Levi will have an all-star team of supporting cast members around him on both sides of the fight, and the story will look to expand on the vast mythology and history from the comics for this hero going forward.

Shazam!: Fury of the Gods is set to release in theaters on June 2, 2023.

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