Secret Invasion Artist Confirms What We All Suspected About the Show's Problems

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Newly released images prove a significant problem with Marvel Studios' summer Disney+ series Secret Invasion.

It's no secret Samuel L. Jackson's MCU series was a failure among critics and fans. Not even a stellar cast could save a forgettable waste on an iconic comic book run.

Part of the reason fans disliked Secret Invasion was due to the studio deciding to retcon the last few MCU appearances by Don Cheadle's James Rhodes by making him a Skrull.

A reason why critics disliked the show was the disjointed feeling and tone from episode to episode, which was speculated to be due to an overwhelming amount of reshoots.

Secret Invasion Concept Art Shows Reshot Scenes

Secret Invasion concept artist Jeffrey Reed confirmed on his ArtStation account that scenes were completed when "deadlines were tight" because they were a part of reshoots for the series.

"Had the pleasure of working on Marvel 'Secret Invasion' with Frank Walsh (PD). It was the reshoot leg though so deadlines were tight. Usually 1/2 day or 1 day deadlines, so everything is fairly loose."

While never confirmed, it was reported that Secret Invasion underwent four months of reshoots a year before its eventual release on Disney+.

The first scene confirmed to be part of reshoots was Nick Fury and Olivia Colman's Sonya Falsworth visiting one of the former directors of SHIELD's tombstones.

Nick Fury and Sonya Falsworth at a graveyard.
Marvel Studios

A brief shot of Kingsley Ben-Adir's Gravik peering out of a window was also among the concept art. The final shot featured less detailed on the villain's face, capturing more of an ominous shadow.

Gravik looking out of a window at the Skrull base.
Marvel Studios

Next up is a wide look at all of the Fracking Pods that were holding many people hostage. Emilia Clarke's G'iah also can be seen.

Reed said that previous Fracking Pod designs "were much more high tech and Alien:"

"We went through a range of redesigns for the Fracking Pods. The early designs were much more high tech and Alien but it was deemed too high tech for what the Skrull had at their disposal so we went in the low-fi DIY direction which came out really well on screen."

Skrulls alongside the Fracking Pods.
Marvel Studios

In a flashback scene, this early concept simply shows the colorful hideout from when Skrulls were initially recruited to work for SHIELD.

It's wild to think this pivotal sequence wasn't a part of the initial story or plot.

Skrulls being recruited to SHIELD.
Marvel Studios

Teeing up the underwhelming finale, this became a critical scene in the show's attempt to connect the final two episodes of Secret Invasion.

Nick Fury getting his eye patch and gun.
Marvel Studios

A conversation between father and daughter. Prior to Talos' death (played by Ben Mendelsohn), this short alleyway scene happened between the two-person family that didn't see eye-to-eye.

However, in the concept art, it hardly looks like Talos at all, as Mendelsohn's character often looks disheveled the entire series. 

Talos and G'iah meeting.
Marvel Studios

In an attempt to build up his relationship with his wife, Priscilla/Varra, this reshot scene connects the two in a 1998 flashback scene.

This was a follow-up to the shocking revelation in Episode 2 that Fury's wife was a Skrull (when audiences didn't know if Fury was aware or not).

Nick Fury meeting with his wife Priscilla.
Marvel Studios

Secret Invasion's Continual Shortcomings

After a promising opening episode, despite the AI-made opening credits, Secret Invasion quickly became a directionless superhero mess.

In an attempt to do too much, the completed six-episode run was capped off with the main antagonist dying and Emilia Clarke's character left as the most powerful being in the MCU.

Considering the laundry list of scenes that were either reshot or added in late, it's become more clear since the final episode aired why many were disappointed by the series.

Something that should be a positive, two MCU films will directly tie to this series, but unfortunately, that may just prologue a bad taste left in many viewers' mouths.

Secret Invasion is streaming now on Disney+.

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