Sebastian Stan Teases True Feelings on Bucky Arm Removal With New Falcon and Winter Soldier Photos

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Sebastian Stan Bucky Arm

Warning - This article contains spoilers for The Falcon and the Winter Soldier .

The MCU is bringing thrilling action nearly every week of 2021 so far, which has continued with the franchise's second Disney+ exclusive The Falcon and the Winter Soldier . After five weeks of expansion in a post- Avengers: Endgame world , the stage is set for an epic season finale that will showcase drama and emotion through multiple confrontations and Sam Wilson's final evolution into Captain America .

One of the most unexpected plot points in this series is the addition of the Wakandans, having started in the thrilling final seconds of Episode 3 and continuing in both of the following entries.

This week's story saw Bucky Barnes arriving in Louisiana to give Sam his new superhero gear, and through all five episodes, he's been putting his shiny vibrainum arm he received in Avengers: Infinity War to good use.

This arm was even a highlight in Episode 4, which Sebastian Stan just revisited on social media...


The Falcon and the Winter Soldier star Sebastian Stan took to Instagram to post two images of himself and his stunt double, John Nania, from behind the scenes of Episode 4.

This comes from the scene in which Bucky Barnes' vibranium arm was disabled and removed from his body by Ayo of the Dora Milaje in their fight with Sam Bucky, U.S. Agent, and Battlestar.

Stan included the following caption, mentioning how "we REALLY feel about it:"

With the incredible John Nania, having a quick chat about ... what JUST occurred. And how we REALLY feel about it.

Sebastian Stan, John Nania, vibranium arm

Sebastian Stan stands with John Nania while holding his vibranium arm prop. The Bucky Barnes actor looks to be in deep thought, potentially over everything happening in this scene.

Sebastian Stan, John Nania, vibranium arm

Stan and Nania pose together with Nania holding Barnes' arm, both of them ready for action.


Bucky Barnes, The Falcon and the Winter Soldier
The Falcon and the Winter Soldier

This scene in Episode 4 induced a wide range of reactions among fans as Ayo of the Dora Milaje swiftly disabled Bucky's arm in battle, letting it fall completely off his shoulder.

Although the moment became the inspiration for some hysterical memes and discussions on social media, the former Winter Soldier appeared genuinely shocked not only that his arm could be removed, but with how easy it was for Ayo to do it.

Bucky Barnes' vibranium arm
The Falcon and the Winter Soldier

Barnes' time adopting the White Wolf persona that started in 2018's Black Panther appeared to become a true responsibility for him after Shuri and the Dora Milaje removed the Winter Soldier programming and gave him a new arm. This came to a head after Bucky released Zemo and gave the villain back to the Wakandans in Sokovia in Episode 5.

Stan and the team seemed to enjoy bringing this scene to life as much as fans enjoyed watching it last week, as it teases the darker side of Bucky's recovery process. The vibranium arm has very much come in handy through this series, and it will be exciting to see it in action once again as the story comes to a close.

The first five episodes of The Falcon and the Winter Soldier are available to stream on Disney+. The final episode of Marvel's sophomore Disney+ series will debut on April 23, 2021.

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