Sebastian Stan Shares Funny Set Photos From Brutal Scene In Falcon and Winter Soldier

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Sebastian Stan, Falcon and Winter Soldier

Marvel Studios is two weeks into its next endeavor on Disney+ with The Falcon and the Winter Soldier , already seeing wild success from Phase 4's second property. Fans have responded incredibly well to Sam Wilson and Bucky Barnes' first solo adventure, making the debut episode the most-watched original premiere in Disney+ history .

Over the show's first two weeks, its cast and crew have teased what they can both about what's coming in the story and what their experience has been like bringing The Falcon and the Winter Soldier to life. While there is still plenty of stories left to tell in the remaining four episodes, the team has enough material already to start giving some fun looks behind the scenes of this super-powered production.

The latest of these peaks behind the curtain comes in hilarious fashion from one of the show's leading men.


Winter Soldier Bucky Hallway

The Falcon and the Winter Soldier star Sebastian Stan took to Instagram to share two images of himself from the set of the MCU Disney+ show.

Stan is dressed in his Winter Soldier garb from the deadly mission-nightmare scene in "Episode 1," holding a prop head into whose eyes he is staring deeply. His caption is the real laugh-inducer as he channels the great William Shakespeare, uttering the infamous Hamlet line, "'To be, or...' Here’s to another week of trying to figure that one out."

Winter Soldier Bucky Hallway

Stan's full Instagram post can be seen below:


While this Instagram post may lack in behind-the-scenes details about the actual MCU show, Stan does a fantastic job of bringing chuckles as he channels Shakespeare into his Marvel experience.

The scene Stan shot here helped introduce the Winter Soldier into the Disney+ world for the first time, showcasing one of Bucky Barnes' assassinations during his time as the Hydra-controlled super soldier. Setting the stage perfectly for Barnes as he makes amends for his dark past, the nightmare was likely one of many that Barnes has had to revisit since gaining control of his own mind again.

Stan has stepped into his role as a headliner brilliantly thus far as he takes on the persona of Bucky Barnes for the sixth time within the MCU. The franchise mainstay still has plenty ahead of him as Barnes reluctantly works with Sam Wilson, and fans can't wait to see what sort of comedic moments come in the next few weeks along with this endeavor.

The Falcon and the Winter Soldier continues when "Episode 3" premieres on Disney+ on Friday, April 2.

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March 19, 2021
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