Ryan Reynolds Jokes About Marvel's Deadpool 3 'Writing Itself'

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Deadpool 3 is no doubt one of the most anticipated films in the coming years, but little is known about the development of the project. Given that the rights of the character are now back to Marvel Studios, it is widely expected that Deadpool will serve as an integral part of the MCU in the next wave of movies. 

A previous rumor suggests that Marvel Studios CCO Kevin Feige could sign Deadpool actor Ryan Reynolds to the biggest deal in MCU history, potentially hinting that a larger role is in store for the anti-hero moving forward. However, Reynolds appeared to be unsure about the fate of the character in the MCU, especially after numerous delays experienced by Marvel in a COVID-infested world. 

Still, Reynolds continues to tease fans about the progress of Deadpool 3, as evidenced by the latest tweet from the actor. 


While replying to a birthday greeting from retired Canadian astronaut Chris Hadfield, Deadpool actor Ryan Reynolds jokingly teased that Deadpool 3 is "practically writing itself." The exchange can be seen below.



While it seems that Reynolds is only joking about this Deadpool 3 reference, it's nice to see the actor acknowledging the writing progress of the third installment. In the past, Reynolds has been quite vocal about his excitement regarding Deadpool's eventual inclusion in the MCU, with the actor teasing that it will be a "win for everyone." In a way, this latest tweet is more solid proof of the actor's passion for the character. 

It remains to be seen when actual progress will push through for Deadpool 3, especially after the reveal from Morena Baccarin, who played Vanessa in the first two installments, that the script of the film has yet to be completed. More so, the shroud of secrecy around the project has left fans to speculate on how the threequel will be reinvented for the MCU. For now, we can count on Reynolds to continue hype up Deadpool's debut in the MCU. 

Whatever the case, Deadpool is a clear-cut fan favorite, and this bodes well for the eventual debut of the character in the MCU, whenever that may be. 

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