MCU's Deadpool: Marvel Rumored to Want Ryan Reynolds to Sign Record-Breaking Deal

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With so many major projects on Marvel Studios’ production list over the next couple of years, there is still going to be a considerable amount of time before fans see any tangible results from the Fox/Disney merger of 2019. This means there likely won’t be any major news released to the public anytime soon concerning the MCU’s plan to integrate characters from both the X-Men or Fantastic 4.

A number of former actors in both franchises have spoken to reporters on the possibilities of reprising their roles when these newly acquired heroes do enter the MCU, and there are a certain few that fans are dying to see come back for more. There may be some incredible news on that front now, thanks to a new rumor from one of the premier scoopers in the business...


Scooper DanielRPK has just revealed on his Patreon account that Marvel CCO Kevin Feige is interested in wanting to sign Deadpool star Ryan Reynolds to the biggest deal in MCU history. By "biggest," it's presumed that Feige wants Reynolds to agree to be in more MCU projects than any other actor in the franchise has signed onto before. 


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Marvel Studios has already taken part in some huge deals with MCU actors, including nine-picture deals with both Samuel L. Jackson and Sebastian Stan. For more comparison, Chris Evans initially signed a six-picture deal to play the MCU's Captain America, while Robert Downey Jr. first agreed to three Iron Man movies and an Avengers movie before renegotiating his contract multiple times to appear in later films like Avengers: Age of Ultron and Captain America: Civil War. The "biggest" deal in MCU history would thus mean that an actor (in this case Ryan Reynolds) would be committing to at least ten potential projects if Marvel chooses to fulfill their entire agreement.

Deadpool’s future with the MCU has been incredibly murky since the Fox/Disney merger, especially considering the tirades unleashed by the character’s creator, Rob Liefeld. Should this deal come to fruition, it should mean monumentally exciting things for everybody’s favorite Merc with a Mouth.

Ryan Reynolds almost single-handedly made Deadpool a household name by starring in and producing two solo films centered around the unkillable anti-hero, which came through as two of the highest grossing R-rated movies of all time. Fans of both him and the MCU have imagined for years just how crazy and hilarious his interactions with the Earth’s Mightiest Heroes would be, especially considering Disney reportedly plans on keeping his series R-rated and uncensored.

This news also shows just how highly Feige and the team at Marvel think of Reynolds considering the sheer size of this potential deal. With how big the MCU has become, and with how popular Reynolds has helped make Deadpool, he could have the chance to be one of the franchise's biggest stars as the next number of years transpire.

It will still be some time before any official news comes about this potential deal between Feige and Reynolds, but the world is pulling hard for it to come to fruition sooner rather than later so Deadpool can start making those chimichangas in the constantly-expanding MCU.

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