Ryan Reynolds Reveals Deadpool 3 Was a Wolverine Road Trip Movie Before Disney-Fox Purchase

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Deadpool and Wolverine

Before the Disney-Fox merger, Deadpool thrived under 20th Century Fox with two successful R-rated blockbusters, meaning that a third installment was on the horizon. However, the plan was ultimately derailed due to the aforementioned merger, leading to the eventual delay of Deadpool 3.  

Ever since the delay, Ryan Reynolds has been vocal on social media about Wade Wilson's impact if the character gets absorbed by the MCU, describing the potential partnership as “explosive” and “win for everyone.” 

Last November, it seems that fans got their wish when a report revealed that Marvel Studios already found the writers for the upcoming threequel. The character's MCU debut was further cemented when it was finally confirmed by Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige, meaning that his presence should serve as a game-changer for the monumental franchise moving forward.

Now, Reynolds looks back at the pre-MCU plan for Deadpool 3, and it would've featured a surprising team-up between two iconic characters. 


While promoting Bell Let's Talk, a mental health awareness campaign, Deadpool star Ryan Reynolds revealed in a tweet that the original plan for Deadpool 3 was to showcase a “road trip” between Deadpool and Logan Howlett AKA Wolverine.

The actor also unveiled that the adaption would've been done in “Rashomon style,” meaning that the film could've included contradictory interpretations from Wade Wilson and Logan.

"Before Disney bought Fox, Deadpool 3 was gonna be a road trip between Deadpool and Logan. Rashomon style. For real."

Update: Screen Rant posted an article about Reynolds' tweet with the caption saying that the actor was joking regarding the matter. However, Reynolds replied by pointing out that he wasn't kidding. 



As is, this tidbit from Reynolds is a huge one. The idea of seeing Deadpool and Wolverine together in one film has long been a dream for many fans, and it would've been fascinating to see it happen in Fox's version of Deadpool 3.  

Despite that, the potential team-up of Deadpool and Wolverine is still possible in the MCU, but it's safe to say that a new actor would portray Logan instead of Hugh Jackman, who played the character for years. In a way, this could still work, but the banter between Reynolds and Jackman would've been a delight to witness for everyone. 

Among all of the X-Men characters from Fox, Deadpool is the perfect (anti) hero to integrate into the MCU due to his fourth-wall-breaking approach.

Given the impending arrival of Deadpool 3, the story possibilities are endless for the threequel. If Marvel decides to stick with the original road trip premise, there are a lot of characters to choose from the MCU's massive roster of heroes, ultimately presenting numerous team-up ideas for the character.

Thankfully, Reynolds and the rest of the Deadpool 3 crew have a lot of time to think what's the next best narrative for Wade Wilson and the MCU. Hopefully, the wait will be worth it. 

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