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Over five seasons, HGTV's Rock the Block has had several exciting winners, including Jasmine Roth, Egypt Sherrod, and Mike Jackson. 

Rock the Block is a reality competition series where renovators ideate and craft the best designs to improve homes. Each team is given a timeframe and a budget to transform homes into luxurious ones anchored by their unique vision and elegant designs. 

Who Are the Winners of Rock the Block? 

Season 1-  Jasmine Roth

Jasmine Roth
Jasmine Roth

Jasmine Roth beat fellow HGTV designers Leanna Ford, Mina Starsiak Haw, and Allison Victoria in Rock the Block Season 1 in October 2019.

The task was to renovate a coastal California home within four weeks and with a budget of $175,000. 

The panelists and experts appraised the house Roth designed at $1,020,000, $15,000 higher than second placer Mina Starsiak. 

Speaking with HGTV in November 2019, Roth opened up about her strategy during the competition, noting that it all boiled down to saving money on "the master suite and kitchen:"

“My strategy during this entire competition was to save money on the master suite and kitchen so that I could spend big on the rest of the house. Even after installing the pool, I had a lot of money left over so I could go all out, earn the highest appraisal, and win this thing.”

Roth's winning 2,547-square-foot home consists of an elegant bathroom, a home gym with a climbing wall, four beautiful bedrooms, and a landscaped front yard where kids can roam around freely. 

What sets Jasmine Roth's renovation home apart is its family-friendly feel, along with a slew of surprises, such as secret doors, a unique entryway, and an enticing pantry. 

Season 2 - Brian & Mika Kleinschmidt

 Brian and Mika Kleinschmidt
 Brian and Mika Kleinschmidt

Brian and Mika Kleinschmidt emerged as the winners of Rock the Block Season 2, beating Nate Berkus and Jeremiah Brent, David Bromstad and Tiffany Brooks, and Alison Victoria and Mike Holmes in March 2021.

What made the Kleinschmidt duo's win sweeter was that they didn't win a single challenge before bagging the ultimate prize. 

The teams were given a six-week timeframe and a $225,000 renovation budget. 

In an interview with HGTV in March 2021, Brian and Mika couldn't believe that they won the competition, with the former saying that it blew his mind: 

“This is surreal— one of the best moments of my life. We were up against some of the best designers in the world, and to know now that we’re in that same category?! It just blows my mind!”

Mika said that their strategy was to keep "going for functionality" above all: 

“We knew we weren’t going to out-design these competitors. But the whole time we kept going for functionality, and what we know adds true value—and it paid off. And now we have a street named after us!”

The judges appraised the house that Brian and Mika Kleinschmidt renovated at $625,000. 

The winning duo transformed the house into a Southern craftsman-inspired family-friendly house complete with a spacious kitchen, a hidden pantry, five gorgeous bedrooms, and a surprising basement bowling alley. 

Season 3 - Egypt Sherrod & Mike Jackson

Egypt Sherrod and Mike Jackson
Egypt Sherrod and Mike Jackson

Married to Real Estate alum Egypt Sherrod and Mike Jackson came out on top to become the winners of Rock the Block Season 3 in April 2022. 

The pair defeated three different teams, namely Leslie Davis and Lyndsay Lamb, Dave and Jenny Marrs, and Keith Bynum and Evan Thomas. 

Similar to Season 2, the renovators were given a six-week timeline and a budget of $225,000 to improve a home that was initially valued at $500,000. 

Egypt and Mike won two challenges, namely the living room and backyard challenges. 

The winning duo spoke with HGTV in April 2022 to discuss their winning ways in Season 3. 

Egypt admitted that she was "overwhelmed by the emotion" upon hearing the announcement that they were winners: 

"When I realized it was our house, I think I was just overwhelmed by the emotion because we worked so hard. We barely had any sleep during all our time there. It was this emotional rollercoaster. We had so many things that happened to us throughout the competition, so truly it was anybody's game. It was just a shock. We kept our heads down and we just kept working and working and working. You want to win, but there's always that possibility that you won't win. Each week that the judges come in and you don't win, it's like a little dagger. You pray for the best, but you prepare yourself just in case."

As for Mike, he said that sticking to their plan of prioritizing functionality was the key to it all: 

"To be able to see your vision come to pass amongst such other great talents was surreal. We came, we saw, we conquered. We stuck to our plan by keeping functionality [and] adding value and elegance."

Egypt and Mike transformed a three-story, 3,500-square-foot home into an on-trend, modern home. 

The house featured a majestic kitchen with a waterfall countertop, a family-style pantry, a luxurious living room, a show-stopping main bedroom, exceptional bathrooms, and a Charlestone-inspired exterior. 

Season 4 - Michel Smith Boyd & Anthony Elle

Michel Smith Boyd and Anthony Elle
Michel Smith Boyd and Anthony Elle

Michel Smith Boyd and Anthony Elle emerged victorious over Sarah and Bryan Baeumeler, Jonathan Knight and Kristina Crestin, and Page Turner and Mitch Glew in Rock the Block Season 4 in September 2023.

The four teams were given the unique challenge of renovating a house (initially valued at $1.9 million) with a budget of $250,000 in six weeks. 

At the end of the season, all the homes were appraised at over $2.7 million, but it was Michel and Anthony's house that came out on top with a skyrocketing value of $2.85 million. 

The winning pair impressed the judges due to the house's grandiose feel right from the get-go combined with luxe finishes throughout its interior and exterior. 

In an interview with HGTV in September 2023, Michel revealed that he's proud of doing the things they love in the show, such as designing and painting: 

"I’m most proud that we got to do the things we love. I painted every single thing on the wall, and Anthony actually got to design the bedding in the primary bedroom. And in that room, I actually painted the entire room myself, like the ombre effect from floor to ceiling. They were labors of love but the idea of winning and also doing it with our personal specialties was really cool."

As for Anthony, he's most proud of what they did to the kitchen:

"The kitchen, by far. I think everybody who walked into our house, whether they were contractors, other cast members, or producers, everybody could not stop talking about it. And it was my favorite, even before they saw it."

Michel and Anthony combined their cost-efficient ways to produce a stunning home full of creativity, which included an amphitheater set-up in the backyard, a spacious office space, a kitchen with a next-level design, and an extended bedroom with a balcony. 

Season 5 

Page Turner and Mitch Glew
Page Turner and Mitch Glew

Rock the Block Season 5 featured returning contestants from previous seasons, namely Page Turner and Mitch Glew, Bryan and Sarah Baeumler, Keith Bynum and Evan Thomas, and Lyndsay Lamb and Leslie Davis.

The houses for renovation in Season 5 are attached waterfront homes in Treasure Island, Florida. 

Each team will have a six-week timeline filled with challenges and a budget of $250,000 to renovate the houses, ultimately transforming them into elegant and eye-popping homes. 

In Season 5, Episode 1, Page and Mitch won the premiere week's kitchen challenge, besting the other competitors to gain early momentum. 

The pair won a bonus of $1,000 after impressing Season 3 winners Egypt Sherrod and Mike Jackson with their stunning kitchen, which includes a bi-fold window across the countertop and a hidden grocery lift.

New episodes of Rock the Block Season 5 premiere every Monday on HGTV at 9 p.m. ET. 

All episodes of Rock the Block's four seasons are streaming on Max

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