Robert Pattinson's The Batman: Photos Reveal Unusual Batcave & Snowy Gotham City Sets

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In 2022, DC is set to introduce a brand new Dark Knight in the form of Robert Pattinson in the Matt Reeves-directed The Batman. Last August's DC FanDome online convention played host to the film's first trailer and the eventual reveal earned the admiration of DC diehards due to the project's bold new take on the Caped Crusader. 

From that point on, the anticipation surrounding The Batman dialed up even further. Although the film experienced a slight delay due to the ongoing pandemic, production is now off and running in the United Kingdom. Given that, set photos have consistently emerged online, giving fans a taste of how the film's narrative will ultimately play out. 

And now, a new wave of set photos has surfaced, showcasing how the crew built Gotham from the ground up. 


Daily Mail released a new batch of set photos from Matt Reeves' The Batman, and it featured a preview of how Gotham City will look in the film. 

The first set of images showcase several burnt-out buildings, potentially hinting that the film will include a wide array of explosions in some action-packed scenes.  

The next set of images highlight Gotham Harbor Iceberg Fishing, seemingly teasing the base of operations of Colin Farrell's Penguin. 

Meanwhile, these next photos may offer hints that part of The Batman will be set during the winter. 

Lastly, other set photos seemingly reveal an outdoor look at Bruce Wayne's unique Batcave. 


While no actors were seen in the latest batch of set photos, it still managed to give fans an idea of the overall look and feel of The Batman. It's a given that set photos aren't always the best indicator of what things will look like in the actual finished product, but this new batch still captured how the crew worked hard to recreate Gotham in a very detailed manner. 

At first glance, the presence of burnt-out buildings might signal that an action-packed sequence already took place, but the deeper context of these photos signifies the grim underbelly of Gotham. For citizens of the famed DC city, this kind of building is already a normal sight for them to see, and this is just a preview of how other parts of Gotham are already run-down from criminals and other threats. 

On top of that, Gotham Harbor Iceberg Fishing is poised to make a grand debut in The Batman, and this location could eventually play a major part in terms of fleshing out Penguin's backstory in the film. In addition, the presence of snow is an intriguing aspect for The Batman to explore as well, since it serves as a unique setting for a live-action Batman film. 

The unique Batcave was briefly showcased in the first trailer of the film, and an outdoor shot of the famous Gotham setting should provide fans with an added background of how the location will be visualized in the film. It remains to be seen if this shot is exclusively for the Batcave as Daily Mail pointed out, but the inclusion of a river could somehow allude to Ben Affleck's base of operations during Dawn of Justice

Whatever the case, The Batman's take on Gotham is its own unique version, and it will be exciting to see how the city will look when the film premieres in March 2022. 

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