Robert Pattinson's The Batman: New Set Photos & Video Show Bruce Wayne, Riddler Group & More

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The Batman is easily one of the most anticipated DCEU projects. Directed by Matt Reeves, the film is set to tackle another iteration of the Dark Knight with Twilight and Devil All The Time star Robert Pattinson leading the way. 

The DCEU film made waves during last August's DC FanDome online convention, with Reeves showcasing its first trailer alongside interesting tidbits about the overall outlook of the Dark Knight's next adventure. As expected, the hype surrounding the film dialed up even further after the explosive reveals. 

Unfortunately, The Batman fell victim to another delay, with the film now set to premiere on March 4, 2022. Still, production is currently ongoing for the DCEU film, and new set photos offer some intriguing hints about the narrative that the Caped Crusader will tackle. 


Twitter user yassinfinite shared a new batch of set photos and a video that was taken from the set of The Batman in the United Kingdom. The lone set video featured a crowded scene outside a courtroom, or presumably the setting of the funeral from one of the scenes from the film's trailer from DC FanDome. 

Meanwhile, other set photos revealed a first look at Barry Keoghan's (Eternals) character with the name of Officer Stanley Merkel

Other set photos also teased the appearance of characters who will be affiliated with The Riddler:

In a separate post from PA Images, high-quality versions of the set photos were showcased, confirming the return of Robert Pattinson on set after recovering from COVID-19 a few weeks back. 



Based from the set photos, there's a good chance that the scene being filmed is the same one that was featured from The Batman trailer. During the aforementioned sequence, it featured Robert Pattinson's Bruce Wayne saving an innocent civilian from getting hammered by a car while attending a funeral. The sequence also featured an explosion while a bomb collar-wearing hostage has a "To The Batman" card strapped on his chest. 

It appears that the scene that is being filmed could be the aftermath of said sequence due to the presence of the Gotham City Police Department, the press, and several civilians. This could also explain the involvement of Barry Keoghan's character, since he might be the one who is assigned to this particular incident.

Additionally, Bruce Wayne is also seen leaving the premises, and the playboy billionaire could be on his way to the Batcave to suit up and investigate this matter in his own hands. The presence of Riddler's henchmen could also mean that there will be a scene featuring their escape, or they might be captured by the GCPD after the incident. 

Whatever the case, these set photos are a positive step for The Batman. Hopefully, more teases from the set will arrive soon to provide fans with more hints on how the narrative will play out. 

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