Resident Alien: Here's Why Harry Killed Sam

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Resident Alien Season 2 finally unpacked the true nature of Harry Vanderspeigle when he was still a human and it was horrifying. 

The hit Syfy series follows the story of an alien intruder impersonating a doctor named Harry (Alan Tudyk) as he tries to infiltrate Earth but decides not to proceed with the mission after falling in love with the ways of the humans. 

Before the alien manages to get settled in with his new life on Earth, one of the central mysteries of Resident Alien is what truly happened to human Harry's colleague, Dr. Sam Hodges.

Resident Alien: What Truly Happened to Dr. Sam Hodges? 

Jan Bos as Dr. Sam Hodges in Resident Alien
Jan Bos

Dr. Sam Hodges (played by Jan Bos) is the local doctor of the small town known as Patience who was found dead in Resident Alien Season 1 Episode 1. 

While Sam's death was initially ruled a suicide, it was far more complicated than that. 

In Season 2, alien Harry found out that the real Harry Vanderspeigle killed Sam. The pair were in cahoots in the illegal activity of Galvan/Powell Group where they poured chemicals in Hawthorne Creek. 

Resident Alien Allen Tudyk and Jan Bos
Resident Alien

Sam considered exposing said activity to law enforcement, but Harry had other plans. Harry poisoned Sam to prevent his involvement from being uncovered. 

The alien was already impersonating Harry when town sheriff Mike Thompson (Corey Reynolds) asked him to investigate Sam's death. Alien Harry was the one who ruled the death as a suicide.

Human Harry's actions cemented him as the true bad guy in the grand scheme of things, but the fact that a shape-shifting alien had already taken over his body suggested that the intruder was on a path of making things right since the real Harry was also dead. 

Why Didn't The Police Arrest Alien Harry?

Alan Tudyk as Harry in Resident Alien
Alan Tudyk

Sheriff Mike Thompson and Deputy Liv Baker (Elizabeth Bowen) spearheaded their investigation regarding Sam Hodges' death and they eventually ended up with evidence that linked the Galvan/Powell group to poisoning Hawthorne Creek. 

The pair's continued investigation also led them to suspect that Harry Vanderspeigle was involved in the whole ordeal after Baker found out that a boot that they found in his cabin matched the severed foot that they discovered earlier. 

Although the alien tried his best to cover up his tracks, the truth always prevailed, but it was just for a brief moment. 

When Thompson and Baker decided to confront alien Harry in his cabin, it made matters worse for the intruder since the pair also found out that there were vials of botulinum toxin (the same poison found on Hodges' body) under a floorboard. 

Thompson tried to arrest the alien for human Harry's crimes, but he then used his abilities to wipe his and Bakers' memories. 

There was still one problem, though. Abigail Hodges, Sam's wife, was arrested earlier since she was named as the prime suspect behind her husband's death. 

Asta Twelvetrees (Sara Tomko), who is Sam's former colleague and alien Harry's friend, pointed out that there is not enough evidence to further convict her. Asta's claim came true since Abigail was eventually freed from prison. 

While the mystery behind Sam's death has been resolved, it is now up to alien Harry to become a hero and erase the bad legacy of his human counterpart as he tries his best to stop The Greys from invading Earth and ending the human race in Season 3. 

New episodes of Resident Alien Season 3 premiere every Wednesday on Syfy and the next day on Peacock.

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