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As Reacher Season 2 came to Amazon Prime Video, fans saw several important character deaths throughout the season's eight episodes.

The hit Prime Video series brought a massive cast of stars for its Season 2 slate, although fans were well aware that not everybody would make it to the end of the eight-episode slate.

Reacher and his team were responsible for plenty of deaths all season as they did their best to survive plenty of other attacks, with the kill count for Season 2 being something fans were anxious to learn more about as the show came back.

Every Character Who Dies in Reacher Season 2

Ahead is a list of all 20 characters who met their end in Reacher Season 2 along with the cause of death for each one.

Calvin Franz

Luke Bilyk as Calvin Franz in Reacher
Luke Bilyk

Luke Bilyk's Calvin Franz is the first character to appear on screen in Reacher Season 2, being a member of Reacher's 110th Special Investigator's Unit.

Sadly, Franz's death is what brings Reacher's unit together for their new mission after Robert Patrick's Shane Langston tortures him, beats him with a crowbar, and tosses him out of a helicopter to his death.

Stanley Lowery

Dean McKenzie's Stanley (Stan) Lowery is only seen in flashback scenes from Reacher Season 2 as a member of Reacher's 110th unit, best known for his impressive marksmanship.

During Reacher's chat with Frances Neagley in Episode 1, Neagley mentions attending Lowery's funeral after he dies in a car accident in Montana, which happens before the events of Season 2.

Trevor Saropian

Joris Jarsky as Trevor Saropian in Reacher
Joris Jarsky

Joris Jarsky's Trevor Saropian is a professional hitman working for Langston, who assigns him to follow Reacher's military squad members and take out the team.

After a night at an Atlantic City casino, Reacher and Karla Dixon take out Saropian swiftly as Reacher drowns him in a plot of liquified cement.

Manuel Orozco 

Edsson Morales takes on the role of Manuel Orozco in the new season of Reacher, with Orozco being another important member of Reacher's 110th unit. 

Sadly, fans learn that Orozco had been killed previously by Langston's assassins before the events of Season 2 as the hotel manager gives Reacher and his team a file confirming his murder.

Jorge Sanchez

Andres Collantes as Jorge Sanchez in Reacher
Andres Collantes

Portrayed by Andres Collantes, Jorge Sanchez helped to fill out Reacher's 110th Special Investigators unit in flashback scenes.

Sanchez meets the same fate as Orozco as their bodies are found next to one another, as noted by the aforementioned hotel manager.

Brian Collins

Geoff Williams played a minor role in Reacher Season 2 as Brian Collins, a New Age Technologies associate security officer who was sent to spy on Reacher and his team at Trevor Saropian's house.

As Collins drives away, Reacher hurls a barbeque at his car and causes the vehicle to crash before the titular hero pulls Collins out and tries to interrogate him. Unfortunately, this causes Collins to have a heart attack and he dies before Reacher can revive him.

Dr. Manuel Elzogby

Kamiran Aldeo as Manuel Elzogby in Reacher
Kamiran Aldeo

Kamiran Aldeo only appears in one scene from Reacher Season 2 as Dr. Manuel Elzogby, a cosmetic surgeon who is visited by Ferdinand Kingsley's A.M.

After getting a quick consultation, A.M. takes out his switchblade and slices Dr. Elzogby in the neck, immediately severing multiple veins and killing him by way of drowning in his blood.


Sahvae Lorenzo pops up in a flashback scene as Porter, a drug dealer involved with Operation Kite Runner being investigated by the 110th unit.

As soon as the deal goes bad, Reacher punches Porter in the arm while he is holding a knife, pushing the knife into his throat and killing him.


Evan Annisette as Turner in Reacher
Evan Annisette

Turner (portrayed by Evan Annisette) is another drug dealer working with Porter on Operation Kite Runner.

After Porter is knifed to death, Turner meets a similar fate as he's killed when Reacher puts a bullet through his head.


Michael Delaney's Eddie is the last of the trio of drug dealers working as part of Operation Kite Runner, whom Reacher meets up with in a flashback scene.

Just like Turner before him, Eddie ends up shot in the head when the deal falls apart.


Tameka Griffiths as Officer Hicks in Reacher
Tameka Griffiths

Tameka Griffiths' Officer Hicks is a Pennsylvania police officer who stops to give A.M. a ticket for an air freshener hanging illegally in his car.

As she goes to run his license through the system, A.M. stabs her in the gut and leaves her to die.

Gaitano Russo

Domenick Lombardozzi's Gaitano "Guy" Russo was the lead detective from the NYPD tailing Reacher and his crew after learning about Calvin Franz's death and being put on the case.

While he starts as an antagonistic figure against Team Reacher, he reluctantly helps out the remaining Special Investigators after learning that he has dirty cops in his department.

Sadly, Russo meets his end in Episode 6 as Langston's goons shoot him down and kill him, all while he tries to protect Marlo Burns' young daughter.

Drew Marsh

Al Sapienza as Drew Marsh in Reacher
Al Sapienza

Al Sapienza comes into Reacher Season 2 as NYPD Lieutenant Drew Marsh, who is in charge of the department's detectives and works closely with Russo.

Langston eventually bribes Marsh to keep him updated on the Franz murder, and after he reveals what he knows to Reacher, he reaches for his gun before Reacher shoots him in the head and takes him out.


Allen Keng embodies the role of Tsai, one of the soldiers who is part of the massive drug-running operation Reacher and his team stop in flashbacks.

During the ensuing gunfight after the drugs are uncovered, Neagley kills Tsai by shooting him in the chest.


Mishka Thébaud as Grant in Reacher
Mishka Thébaud

Mishka Thébaud's Grant is a former police officer from the NYPD who was eventually hired for the security division at New Age, working under Langston.

After a painful interrogation, while he lies in a hospital bed, Grant gives up information about a meeting for Langston before Reacher injects air into his IV and causes an embolism that causes Grant to convulse and die.

Tony Swan

Special Investigator Tony Swan (Shannon Kook-Chun) is another member of Reacher's 110th unit who is suspected for a long time of being dirty, although Reacher keeps faith that he is still on the right side of the fight.

It's eventually revealed that Swan was recruited to run New Age security to keep an eye on Langston and his crew, specifically to stop their operations.

Unfortunately, Langston reveals that he killed Swan before the events of Season 2, showing Reacher and the team one of Swan's fingers and eyes as proof in the season finale.

Shane Langston

Robert Patrick as Shane Langston in Reacher
Robert Patrick

Terminator 2 and Peacemaker star Robert Patrick took on the role of leading villain Shane Langston, the head of security for New Age Security who hunted down members of the 110th Special Investigators Unit.

Tracking Reacher and his team throughout the entire season, Langston was one of the key forces behind the Little Wing program as he hoped to install high-tech chips into a missile system in exchange for $65 million USD.

After he was shown to have killed Franz, Reacher made sure Langston suffered the same fate as he threw the Season 2 antagonist out of a helicopter, leading to his brutal death.


Popping up sporadically throughout Season 2 is Sean Baek's Oleg, who works for A.M. and helps to hijack the New Age Technologies trailer moving the Little Wing missiles to the sale location.

In the final episode, Oleg travels to meet the engineer set to install chips into the missiles, although he's ambushed by Reacher's team as Neagley shoots him in the head.

A.M. (Azhari Mahmoud)

Ferdinand Kingsley as Azhari Mahmoud in Reacher
Ferdinand Kingsley

Ferdinand Kingsley's Azhari Mahmoud, better known in Reacher Season 2 as A.M., is a mercenary and weapons dealer who serves as the middleman for the deal involving the Little Wing technology.

When A.M. comes face-to-face with Reacher's team in the final episode, Reacher,  Neagley, Dixon, and O'Donnell unload dozens of bullets into him and leave him to die as he bleeds out.

Russell Johnson

Jonathan Higgins' Russell Johnson is a New Age Technologies engineer who preps to install the Little Wing chips into the missiles for launch.

After being allowed to live and escape on a helicopter, Neagley shoots down said helicopter and sends Johnson to his brutal death.

The first two seasons of Reacher are now streaming on Amazon Prime Video. Season 3 is currently filming, although it does not have a set release date yet.

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