Full Cast of Quantum Leap 2023-24 - Every Main Character & Actor Who Appears (Photos)

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Quantum Leap Season 2 2024

The highly anticipated second half of Quantum Leap Season 2 is expected to be filled with more drama and time-travel shenanigans. 

Five episodes are still set to premiere for Quantum Leap's return in 2024, and the stakes are higher than ever. 

The first half of the show's sophomore run ended with Ben Song (Raymond Lee) contemplating a major decision that could change his life and the Quantum Leap project forever.

Quantum Leap Season 2B premiered on NBC on January 30. 

Every Main Cast Member of Quantum Leap Season 2

Raymond Lee - Ben Song

Raymond Lee as Ben Song
Raymond Lee 

Leading the new group of scientists in the revived Quantum Leap project is Raymond Lee's Dr. Ben Song. One of Song's main goals is discovering what happened to Dr. Sam Beckett after his mysterious disappearance. 

Armed with a brilliant mind and a desire to do what's right, Song is an ideal candidate to correct the mistakes of the past. However, things go awry when the lead physicist suffers the same fate as Beckett as he gets stuck in the past while leaping into the bodies of different people.

Ben has had his fair share of ups and downs in Season 2. After learning that the team behind the Quantum Leap has been disbanded, Ben is also heartbroken that his fiance, Addison, has already moved on from him. 

Still, Ben finds a new romantic interest, Eliza Taylor's Hannah Carson, who is a math and physics genius. 

Season 2's first half ends with Ben promising Hannah that he will find her again (whenever that may be), and Tom reveals to Addison that he may have a way to bring Ben back home to the present day. 

Lee is best known for his roles in Top Gun: Maverick, Here and Now, and Made for Love.

Caitlin Bassett - Addison Augustine

Caitlin Bassett as Addison
Caitlin Bassett

Caitlin Bassett's Addison Augustine is a hologram only her fiancé, Ben, can see and hear. 

Within the three years of Ben's absence, Addison has found a new boyfriend in Peter Gadiot's Tom Westfall. With an unfortunate love triangle formed and the three forced to work together, this new dynamic truly tested whether Addison and Ben would ever be able to pursue a relationship.

Season 2 highlighted how conflicted Addison was on whether to keep her current relationship with Tom or pursue Ben knowing that he is still alive. 

Addison even became Ben's hologram during certain missions, complicating things for the pair. 

She eventually managed to move on after talking with Magic about living in the now and not waiting for the future to arrive.

Quantum Leap is Bassett's first major acting stint.

Mason Alexander Park - Ian Wright

Mason Alexander Park as Ian
Mason Alexander Park

Mason Alexander Park's Ian Wright is Project Quantum Leap's team tech wizard and lead programmer. Season 1 saw Ian rebuilding the AI unit named Ziggy aka the supercomputer that is part of the original show's team. 

While Ziggy is an important part of the leaps, Ian eventually takes a major step in the final episodes of Season 1 as they become Ben's hologram, helping him when he jumps into the future.

In Season 2, Ian delivers the tragic news to Ben about his three-year absence, revealing that he snuck into the then-defunct Quantum Leap program to keep searching for him. 

Ian has also reconnected with former partner Rachel, whom viewers previously met in Season 1.

Park previously appeared in The Sandman and Cowboy Bebop.

Nanrisa Lee - Jenn Chou

Nanrisa Lee as Jenn
Nanrisa Lee

The head of digital security on Quantum Leap is Nanrisa Lee as Jenn Chou. The character's role is to make sure that the new project will not experience similar mistakes from the past. 

Ben's sudden decision to leap at various points in time made Jenn concerned that he may be hiding something from the team.

In Season 2, Jenn is recruited by Ian to help the team bring back Ben under any circumstances. She also appeared as Ben's hologram in Episode 6.

Fans may recognize Lee due to her past roles in Grimcutty and CSI: Vegas.

Ernie Hudson - Herbert “Magic” Williams

Ernie Hudson as Magic
Ernie Hudson

Leading the team of experts in the Quantum Leap project is Herbert "Magic" Williams, a character portrayed by Ghostbusters alum Ernie Hudson. 

While serving as the team's father figure, Magic struggles to balance keeping his bosses at the Pentagon informed about everything going on with the project. 

When Ben disappeared, Magic opened up about struggling to cope with the failure of retrieving his friend from the project. Thankfully, he reunited with Beth, and they started a romantic connection that helped him get through the pain.

Aside from answering the call in Ghostbusters films, Hudson is also known for his roles in The Crow, Oz, Miss Congeniality, Bones, and Criminal Minds.

Eliza Taylor - Hannah Carson

Eliza Taylor as Hannah Carson
Eliza Taylor 

The 100 alum Eliza Taylor joins the cast of Quantum Leap Season 2 as Hannah Carson, debuting in Episode 3 of the show's sophomore run.

Hannah is a waitress in 1949 with a genius-level intellect in math and physics, leading Ben to help her get into a physics program at Princeton. 

The two are reunited again later in the season after Ben happens to leap back to her time period, raising questions as to how and why the pair may be linked.

Throughout Season 2, Ben and Hannah's chemistry is undeniable, and she has been doing a great job in helping the time traveler with his missions.  

The actress is best known for portraying Clarke Griffin in The 100.

Peter Gadiot - Tom Westfall

Peter Gadiot as Tom Westfall
Peter Gadiot 

Peter Gadiot's Tom Westfall is a senior official at the Pentagon's Defense Innovation Unit who is described as a "spiritual kind of warrior" everyone admires. 

Tom is assigned to oversee the Quantum Leap project in Season 2, with the added wrinkle that he is Addison's new boyfriend.  

In Season 2, Episode 4, Tom assures the team that the project will not be shut down again as long as he is the leader. 

Season 2, Episode 8 ends with a major hint that Tom found a solution to bring Ben (and hopefully, Hannah) back home in the present.

Gadiot is best known for his roles in The CW's Supergirl, Yellowjackets, Queen of the South, and One Piece.

François Arnaud - Curtis Bailey

François Arnaud as Curtis
François Arnaud

François Arnaud appeared in Season 2's premiere as Curtis Bailey, a member of the strike force from the U.S. who was tasked to lead a mission in Russia in 1978.

Arnaud previously appeared as Manfred Bernardo on Midnight, Texas and Tommy Castelli on UnReal

Aaron Abrams - Ronny Abrams

Aaron Abrams as Ronny
Aaron Abrams

Aaron Abrams made his Quantum Leap debut in Season 2's first installment as Ronny Abrams. 

Ronny is a member of the strike force assigned to transport a mystery crate to New Delhi, India. 

Abrams has credits in Hannibal, Blindspot, and Runaway.

P.J. Byrne - Enoch Abrams

P.J. Byrne as Enoch Abrams
P.J. Byrne

P.J. Byrne is part of Quantum Leap's cast as Enoch Adams. 

In Season 2's premiere, Enoch told the strike force to stay in place, wait for backup, and defend the mysterious package from a possible attack. 

Enoch realized that they were probably left there to die since the mission was off the books. 

Fans may recognize Byrne for his roles as Nicky "Rugrat" Koskoff in The Wolf of Wall Street and Isaac in Final Destination 5

Melissa Roxburgh - Ellen Grier

Melissa Roxburgh as Ellen Grier
Melissa Roxburgh

Ellen Grier (played by Melissa Roxburgh) is the leader of the strike force who tries to keep her team in check amid the dangerous mission in Russia. 

She risked her life to get the package off the plane before the aircraft exploded. Ellen serves as the moral ground of the team due to her experience with law enforcement. 

Perhaps best known for her role as Michaela Stone in Manifest, Roxburgh also appeared in Supernatural, Star Trek: Beyond, and Mindcage.

Roshan Golconda - Parminder

Roshan Golconda as Parminder
Roshan Golconda

Roshan Golconda portrayed a character named Parminder in Quantum Leap Season 2. 

Golconda is known for his roles in Brooklyn Nine-Nine, The Rookie, and Bliss.

Alice Kremelberg - Rachel

Alice Kremelberg as Rachel
Alice Kremelberg

Alice Kremelberg plays Rachel in Quantum Leap Season 2. 

Rachel is Ian's former partner from Season 1 who reappears in the show's sophomore run. 

Season 2, Episode 4 highlights a tense confrontation between Rachel and Ian over the fact that the chip her boss built for the Quantum Leap project leaks information back to her boss. 

Kremelberg's notable credits include The Sinner, Campus Code, and Watch Room.

Susan Diol - Beth Calavicci

Susan Diol as Beth
Susan Diol 

Susan Diol reprises her role as Beth Calavicci from the original Quantum Leap series. In the original show, Beth is the wife and widow of Quantum Leap's project observer, Al Calavicci.

Beth has since moved on in Season 2 of the reboot series, now romantically linked with Magic.

In Episode 7, it is revealed that Beth is the one who helped Magic cope after Ben went missing, preventing him from succumbing to alcoholism. 

Diol has also starred in Seinfeld and episodes of Star Trek: The Next Generation and Star Trek: Voyager.

Janet Montgomery - Rebecca Egan

Janet Montgomery as Rebecca
Janet Montgomery 

Janet Montgomery brings Rebecca Egan to life in Quantum Leap Season 2, Episode 2. 

Working as a bank teller at the First Bank of Tucson, Rebecca is shocked to see her brother, Sean, involved in a robbery at her workplace. 

Rebecca ultimately becomes one of the hostages, leading to a standoff between her and Sean. 

Montgomery's notable credits include Black Swan, The Ex-Wife, and Think Like a Dog. The actress is also best known for playing Dr. Lauren Bloom in New Amsterdam.

Graham Patrick Martin - Sean Egan

Graham Patrick Martin  as Sean
Graham Patrick Martin 

Sean Egan (played by Graham Patrick Martin) is Rebecca's brother who robs the First Bank of Tucson in Episode 2. 

Sean's initial plan is a quick in-and-out job, but the ringleader has other plans. He is conflicted about robbing the bank, and things go from bad to worse when he realizes that his sister is working in the place they are trying to rob. 

Martin is known for his roles in Catch-22, Two and a Half Men, and Major Crimes.

Louis Herthum - Sheriff Woodrow Morgan

Louis Herthum as Woodrow Morgan
Louis Herthum

Louis Herthum appears as Sheriff Woodrow Morgan in Quantum Leap Season 2, Episode 3. 

The sheriff has a granddaughter who is being held captive inside a hospital. Morgan meets with Ben to uncover the truth and save the two girls from a shady organization. 

Herthum has credits in The Peripheral, True Blood, and Westworld.

William deVry - General Austin Murray

William DeVry as Austin Murray
William DeVry

General Austin Murray is the leader of the secret military base that drugged Melanie Hunt. William deVry plays the character in Episode 3. 

It is revealed that Murray's base is an off-the-book property leased from Russel Hunt. 

Ben and the sheriff negotiated a deal with Murray to receive an antidote for the drug that they use and a full scholarship for the rest of the girls' school years to keep their mouths shut.

The actor previously appeared in Hemlock Grove, Nikita, and Beggars and Choosers.

Tim Matheson - Neal Russell

Tim Matheson as Neal Russell
Tim Matheson 

Tim Matheson joins Quantum Leap's cast as Neal Russell.

Neal is an on-screen actor who appeared in Episode 4 and is the boss of Ben's new persona, Summer, when he leaped into the 1980s. Ben is also secretly a huge fan of Neal. 

The character is at the center of Ben's mission since he is tasked to save him and prevent the accident where Neal suddenly disappears after sailing to Catalina. 

Virgin River fans may recognize Tim Matheson for his role as Dr. Vernon Mullins. The actor also has credits in The West Wing, Hart of Dixie, and This Is Us.

Erica Gimpel - Laura Evans

Erica Gimpel as Laura Evans
Erica Gimpel 

Erica Gimpel plays Laura Evans, Neal Russell's ex-wife who is about to get married to her new husband, Michael, in Quantum Leap Season 2, Episode 4.

Gimpel's most recognizable roles are playing Coco Hernandez in Fame and Trish in God Friended Me

C. S. Lee - Jin Park

C. S. Lee as Jin Park
C. S. Lee

C. S. Lee makes his Quantum Leap debut in Season 2's fifth episode as Jin Park. 

Jin is Danny's (Ben's leaping buddy) father who is not a fan of his son's decision to leave the family business and enlist with the Marines. 

It is also Ben's mission to protect Jin from being killed by looters, and the only way to do that is to convince him to leave his lifelong business behind. 

Lee previously appeared in For All Mankind, East New York, and Chuck.

Benjamin Flores Jr. - Dwain

Benjamin Flores Jr. as Dwain
Benjamin Flores Jr.

In Episode 5, Dwain (played by Benjamin Flores Jr.) is a young kid whom Jin is accused of stealing from his store. 

Dwain and Jin have a heated conversation about the latter's perception of the former, telling him that he's an honorable man set to graduate at the top of his class. The pair eventually earned the respect of one another in the end. 

Benjamin Flores Jr. has credits in Happy Feet Two, Rim of the World, and Ride Along.

Cullen Douglas - Dr. Karl Donovan

Cullen Douglas as Karl Donovan
Cullen Douglas

Cullen Douglas plays Dr. Karl Donovan, a former nazi-turned-ally who the U.S. government recruits to become the lead of one of the projects at Matterhorn.

Douglas is known for his roles in Barry, Twin Peaks, and Grey's Anatomy

Brian Van Holt - Magistrate Bloodborne

Brian Van Holt as Magistrate Bloodhorne
Brian Van Holt

Magistrate Bloodborne (played by Brian Van Holt) appeared in Episode 7 as a man whom Ben saves by using CPR, a technique that didn't exist in the 1600s. 

Ben is accused of witchcraft for reviving the magistrate, causing a lot of problems for the team and his mission. 

Brian Van Holt is known for his roles in Black Hawk Down, Basic, and John from Cincinnati

Azita Ghanizada - Layla Adel

Azita Ghanizada as Laya Adel
Azita Ghanizada

Azita Ghanizada joins the cast of Quantum Leap as Layla Adel, the mission objective from Episode 8. 

Layla is an East German spy whom Ben is tasked to help escape after a mission. Before that, though, Layla is tasked to meet face-to-face with a known traitor accused of leaking sensitive intel. 

Ghanizada's notable credits include Complete Unknown, Ballers, and Good Trouble.

Lou Diamond Phillips - Shepherd Barnes

Lou Diamond Phillips as Shepherd Barnes
Lou Diamond Phillips 

Lou Diamond Phillips is part of the cast as CIA Agent Shepherd Barnes. 

In Episode 8, Barnes gives Ben the order to plant a bug so that they can facilitate an arrest of the traitor that Layla will meet. 

The veteran actor has many notable credits, with roles in Courage Under Fire, The Big Hit, and La Bamba.

New episodes of Quantum Leap Season 2B air every Tuesday on NBC at 10 p.m. ET. All episodes will premiere on Peacock the next day. 

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