Power Book 2: Ghost Season 4 Episode 2 Cast, Characters & Actors (Photos)

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Power Book II: Ghost Season 4 Episode 2 Cast

Power mainstay Naturi Naughton returns to join the cast of Power Book II: Ghost Season 4, Episode 2 as Tasha St. Patrick. 

Season 4, Episode 2, "To Thine Ownself," helps lay the groundwork for what will go down in the remaining episodes of the final season. 

The latest episode juggles several storylines, including Tariq and Brayden's continued financial struggles, Monet's revenge on the one who shot her, and Noma's golden opportunity to expand her business. 

Power Book II: Ghost Season 4, Episode 2 premiered on Starz on June 14.

Every Main Cast Member of Power Book II: Ghost Season 4 Episode 2

Michael Rainey Jr. - Tariq St. Patrick

Michael Rainey Jr. as Tariq St. Patrick in Power Book II: Ghost Season 4, Episode 1
Michael Rainey Jr. 

Michael Rainey Jr. returns to lead the cast of Power Book II: Ghost Season 4 as Tariq St. Patrick, Ghost's son who follows in his father's footsteps as a leader in the world of crime and drugs. 

After escaping death (again) in Episode 1, Tariq reunites with his mother, Tasha, when her witness protection status is threatened by Detective Don Carter. 

Tariq also tries to live a normal life (outside of the crime world) by taking on three work-study jobs to pay his tuition. 

Rainey Jr. has credits in Luv, Amateur, and Barbershop: The Next Cut

Gianni Paolo - Brayden Weston

Gianni Paolo as Brayden in Power Book II: Ghost Season 4, Episode 2
Gianni Paolo

Gianni Paolo stars as Brayden Weston, Tariq's best friend and loyal ally who works with him to establish his criminal empire. 

Brayden had a falling out with his family in Season 4, Episode 1 after his sister, Becca, was kidnapped by Dru and Diana. 

"To Thine Ownself" sees Brayden landing a real estate job after struggling to make ends meet with Tariq.

Paolo is best known for his roles in Power, Ma, and The Mick

Woody McClain - Cane Tejada

Woody McClain as Cane Tejada in Power Book II: Ghost Season 4, Episode 2
Woody McClain

Woody McClain is back as Cane Tejada, Tariq's arch-nemesis who wants nothing but to put him down by any means necessary. 

Cane tells Monet to lay low after botching the deal with the Russians, noting that she has lost a step and she needs to recover after being shot.

McClain can be seen in The Harder They Fall, The Bobby Brown Story, and The New Edition Story

Mary J. Blige - Monet Tejada

Mary J. Blige as Monet Tejada in Power Book II: Ghost Season 4 Episode 2
Mary J. Blige

Mary J. Blige is back as Monet Tejada, the leading figure in her family's drug cartel. 

After being shot by Tasha, Monet is on her path to recovery while also trying to plot her next move as she begins to realize that Dru and Diana may have something on their sleeves against her. 

Mary J. Blige is known by many as the "Queen of R&B" and "Queen of Hip-Hop Soul" whose notable songs include "Just Fine," "Real Love," and "Mr. Wrong."

As an actress, she previously appeared in Mudbound, The Help, and Rock of Ages.

LaToya Tonodeo - Diana Tejada

LaToya Tonodeo as Diana Tejada in Power Book II: Ghost Season 4, Episode 2
LaToya Tonodeo

Diana Tejada (played by LaToya Tonodeo) is Dru's sister who has a bone to pick with Tariq after he killed her brother in Season 3. 

In Season 4, Episode 2, though, Diana is dealing with a new problem since she finds out that she is pregnant. 

Tondo's notable credits include The Fosters, The Oath, and The Perfect Match

Lovell Adams-Gray - Dru Tejada

Lovell Adams-Gray as Dru Tejada in Power Book II: Ghost Season 4, Episode 2
Lovell Adams-Gray

Lovell Adams-Gray is part of Power Book II: Ghost's cast as Dre Tejada, the middle child of the Tejada crime family who leans more on art and culture rather than being involved in the nitty-gritty world of illegal acts. 

However, vengeance has consumed Dru and he is on a rampant heel turn in the past few episodes.

In Season 4, Episode 2, Dru is at the crossroads of whether or not to kill his mother, Monet, with him thinking about switching her medication to finally end her life. 

Adams-Gray's other major credits include Brother and Slasher

Naturi Naughton - Tasha St. Patrick

Naturi Naughton as Tasha St. Patrick in Power Book 2: Ghost Season 4, Episode 2
Naturi Naughton

Nature Naughton is back to reprise her role as Tasha St. Patrick in Power Book II: Ghost Season 4. 

Tasha is visited by Tariq to check on her status after Detective Don Carter threatened to remove her from the witness protection list. 

It is revealed that Tasha is working in a local shopping center to try and pay for a living and help Yaz with her education. 

Naughton has over 30 credits to her name, with roles in Notorious, Fame, and Call Her King

Alix Lapri - Effie Morales

Alix Lapri as Effie Morales in Power Book II: Ghost Season 4, Episode 2
Alix Lapri 

Effie Morales is Tariq's former flame who is either his ally or enemy depending on the situation. The character is played on-screen by Alix Lapri. 

Effie works under Noma's organization and she proves to be a valuable asset. Not only that she manage to successfully make a deal with the Russians on behalf of Noma, but they only want to negotiate with her in future transactions.

Effie also wants to make amends with Tariq, but working for Noma seems to be a dealbreaker.

Lapri can be seen in Power and Den of Thieves

Clifford "Method Man" Smith Jr. - Davis MacLean

Clifford "Method Man" Smith Jr.

Clifford "Method Man" Smith Jr. plays Davis MacLean, Tariq and Tasha's defense attorney who was suspended in Season 4, Episode 2. 

He was investigated for violating conflict of interest for representing a client for murder while also working with the murder victim's mother. 

While he had a brilliant lawyer to back him up in the investigation, MacLean stays (temporarily) suspended after strong evidence against him. 

Smith Jr., (aka Method Man in the hip-hop world), is a famous member of the rap collective The Wu-Tang Clan. His other acting credits include Garden State and How High

Michael Ealy - Detective Don Carter

Michael Ealy as Detective Don Carter in Power Book II: Ghost Season 4, Episode 2
Michael Ealy 

Michael Ealy reprises his role as Detective Don Carter, an NYPD officer who is on a mission to avenge his wife's death after being killed amid the drug war in New York. 

Detective Carter appears in Episode 2 to confront Tariq, Obi, and Davis to learn more about the drug trade in New York.  

Fans may recognize Ealy for his roles in 2 Fast 2 Furious, Barbershop, and Think Like a Man.

Kyle Vincent Terry - Obi

Kyle Vincent Terry as Obi in Power Book II: Ghost Season 4, Episode 2
Kyle Vincent Terry

Kyle Vincent Terry brings Obi to life in Power Book II: Ghost Season 4. 

Obi is Noma's strong enforcer who is usually the one who negotiates drug deals on behalf of her. 

In a shocking moment in Season 4, Episode 2, Obi is arrested by Detective Carter, leading viewers to wonder if he will reveal details about Noma's operations.

Terry is known for his roles in Gotham, Blindspot, and Love in NY. 

Golden Brooks - Janet

Golden Brooks as Janet in Power Book II: Ghost Season 4, Episode 2
Golden Brooks

Golden Brooks appears as Janet in Power Book II: Ghost Season 4, Episode 2, Monet's cousin who helps her recover and reflect on her recent decisions in life.

Brooks has credits in Girlfriends, Beauty Shop, and The Darkest Minds

Caroline Chikezie - Noma

Caroline Chikezie as Noma in Power Book II: Ghost Season 4, Episode 2
Caroline Chikezie

Caroline Chikezie's Noma is another drug lord in the city who is also the mother of Tariq's new love interest, Tanya. 

Noma sees an opportunity to replace her lost business in Europe after she learns of the drug bust that was spearheaded by Detective Don Carter.

Noma also assigns Effie to negotiate with the Russians about a drug deal that could elevate their business. 

Chikezie also starred in Eragon, Æon Flux, and The Passage

Michael J. Ferguson - 2-Bit

Michael J. Ferguson as 2-Bit in Power Book II: Ghost Season 4, Episode 2
Michael J. Ferguson

Michael J. Ferguson plays 2-Bit, a major character from the Power universe who returns in Power Book II: Ghost after Tariq tracks him down to get his car back.

Ferguson's other notable credit comes with his involvement in a podcast series called The Crew Has It.

Power Book II: Ghost Season 4 continues on Starz, with new episodes dropping every Friday at 8 p.m. ET.

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