Who Is Denise In Power Book 2: Ghost Season 4? Identity Revealed

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Detective Don Carter in Power Book 2 Ghosts Season 4 premiere episode at church

Following the premiere of Power Book 2: Ghost Season 4, fans are wondering who Denise is, a character briefly mentioned in the show's final scene.

The opening episode of Season 4 saw Michael Rainey Jr.'s Tariq St. Patrick on the run with Gianni Paola's Brayden Weston as the two tried to avoid being killed by Noma and the handful of goons after the bounty on their heads.

In its last closing moments, it also introduced viewers to Michael Ealy's Detective Don Carter, someone whose backstory could become very important moving forward.

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Who Is Denise in Book of Power 2: Ghost?

Detective Don Carter in Power Book Ghosts

A woman named Denise is brought up in the final scene of Book of Power 2: Ghost Season 4's premiere episode, though no one has heard the name before.

During a conversation with a priest, Don Carter talks about Denise, someone he says "was not lost" but instead "murdered." However, some audiences were left wondering who exactly Denise is.

The answer comes in the line before her namedrop, where the priest notes to Carter that he knows "how much pain you've been in since you lost your wife."

Contextually, this confirms that the mystery woman is the late wife of Ealy's Detective Don Carter. 

This new character has not been able to heal from whatever did happen—and her death is a driving factor in his life. Carter is confident "that Denise would like that I'm making the streets safer."

Denise's Impact on Ghost's Upcoming Episodes

It seems clear that Michael Ealy's Detective Don Carter is going to be a massive issue for Tariq St. Patrick in the upcoming season of Power Book 2: Ghost.

While the closing moments of Season 4 introduced the new character to audiences, it also showed him being sought out to investigate the murder of a federal agent that Tariq shot and killed. It is a mission Carter is taking to heart, with his final words of the episode being: "I will nail whoever took your son."

So, while Tariq may have reached a cease-fire of sorts with Caroline Chikezie's Noma, he may have opened another major can of worms in doing so.

According to Con Carter himself, he is "filled with bitterness, wrath and anger," all of which could easily find themselves channeled at Tariq and those close to him.

Hopefully, as Season 4 progresses, the details of what happened to Denise will be revealed sooner rather than later.

Book of Power 2: Ghost is now streaming on Starz.

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