Full Cast of Power Book 2: Ghost Season 4 - Every Main Character & Actor Who Appears (Photos)

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Power Book 2: Ghost Season 4 Cast

Power Book 2: Ghost is back for Season 4 on the back of its A-list cast of characters. 

Set in Starz's fan-favorite Power universe, Book 2 tells the story of young Tariq St. Patrick as he navigates the complicated world of street crime and drug trafficking. 

The series' return is set to run in two parts. The first chunk of the episode will end in early July, followed by a return in September to round things out (read more about the Power Book 2 release plan here). 

Every Main Character & Actor in Power Book 2 Season 4

Michael Rainey Jr. - Tariq St. Patrick

Michael Rainey Jr. as Tariq St. Patrick in Power Book 2 Ghost wearing a black hoodie
Michael Rainey Jr.

Leading the pack in Power Book 2 is Michael Rainey Jr. as Tariq St. Patrick. 

Tariq is a young man growing up on the streets of New York City. After the death of his father, Tariq follows in his footsteps, shouldering the load of the family's drug business and becoming a crime lord in his own right. 

Rainey Jr. also played his Tariq character in the original Power series. His other credits include Luv, Amateur, and Barbershop: The Next Cut

Gianni Paolo - Brayden Weston

Gianni Paolo as Brayden Weston in a grey bomber jacket in Power Book 2
Gianni Paolo

Giani Paolo brings to life Brayden Weston, Tariq's best friend and business partner in their growing criminal empire. 

Brayden and Tariq met while rooming together at Choate Boarding School. The pair hit things off again while at college, selling drugs on campus and starting the narcotics business they would become known for. 

Paolo is best known for appearing in Power, Ma, and The Mick

Woody McClain - Cane Tejada

Woody McClain as Cane Tejada in Power Book 2
Woody McClain

Coming from the Tejada crime family, Woody McClain's Cane Tejada serves as Tariq's primary rival on the streets of New York. 

As the pair vy for territory, Cane and Tariq have come to blows several times, given their opposing interests. 

McClain previously appeared in The Harder They Fall, The Bobby Brown Story, and The New Edition Story

Mary J. Blige - Monet Tejada

Mary J. Blige as Monet Tejada in a white cable-knit sweater in Power Book 2
Mary J. Blige

Music superstar Mary J. Blige reprises her Power Book 2 role in Season 4 as the terrifying Monet Tejada. 

Monet is the woman in charge of the Tejada drug cartel. Her husband, Lorenzo, is serving a 25-year drug trafficking sentence behind bars. After the death of her son in Season 3, Monet is out for revenge in Season 4, willing to take down anyone who gets in her way. 

Mary J. Blige is an international musical superstar known by many as the "Queen of R&B." Her other acting credits include The Help, Precious, and Mudbound

Lovell Adams-Gray - Dru Tejada

Lovell Adams-Gray as Dru Tejada looking to his right in Power Book 2
Lovell Adams-Gray

Dru Tejada (played by Lovell Adams-Gray) is the middle child of the Tejada crime family. Dru stands out from his brothers as the Tejada kid more drawn to culture and art than the world of high-stakes crime. 

Adams-Gray can also be seen in Brother and Slasher

LaToya Tonodeo - Diana Tejada

LaToya Tonodeo as Diana Tejada in Power Book 2
LaToya Tonodeo

Things have always been complicated between Tariq and LaToya Tonodeo's Diana Tejada. The pair have made eyes at each other before despite coming from opposing crime families; however, following the death of her brother, the youngest Tejada child is in full revenge mode, willing to take down Tariq if she has to. 

Tonodeo may be familiar to fans of The Fosters, The Oath, and The Perfect Match

Clifford "Method Man" Smith Jr. - Davis MacLean

Clifford "Method Man" Smith Jr.

Rapper Clifford "Method Man" Smith Jr. reprises his role as Davis Maclean. Davis is a renowned defense attorney at odds with Tariq after being deceived by the young man while representing his mother in court in Season 1. 

Smith Jr., who goes by the pseudonym Method Man in the world of hip-hop, is a famous member of the rap collective The Wu-Tang Clan. His other acting credits include Garden State and How High

Alix Lapri - Effie Morales

Alix Lapri as Effie Morales in Power Book 2
Alix Lapri

Another character from Tariq's past (as seen in Power) that is back for Power Book 2 is Alix Lapri as Effie Morales. Effie is Tariq's former love interest who got him expelled for selling drugs back in high school. All these years later, she now finds herself living a life of crime, looking to put an end to Tariq's reign as kingpin by killing her former flame. 

Lapri previously appeared in Power and Den of Thieves

Paton Ashbrook - Jenny Sullivan

Paton Ashbrook as Jenny Sullivan in Power Book 2 looking skeptically in a peach cardigan
Paton Ashbrook

Paton Ashbrook brings to life Jenny Sullivan, an attorney who has Tariq in her sights after he escaped a case being worked on by her in the first few seasons of the series. 

Ashbrook's other work includes Shameless, House of Cards, and Minor Premise

Larenz Tate - Rashad Tate

Larenz Tate as Rashad Tate with a stern look on his face in Power Book 2
Larenz Tate

Larenz Tate's Rashad Tate is one of the anchors tying Tariq to his father (the deceased criminal known as Ghost). Rashad was one of Ghost's biggest political rivals and is now an ethics professor at Stansfield. 

Tate can also be seen in Crash, Ray, and Love Jones

Monique Gabriela Curnen - Blanca Rodriguez

Monique Gabriela Curnen as Blanca Rodriguez in Power Book 2
Monique Gabriela Curnen

Tariq (and his father before him) have always had eyes on them on the streets, but that does not just come from rival criminals looking to steal a piece of their pie. Blanca Rodriguez (played by Monique Gabriela Curnen) represents the other side of that coin as an NYPD sergeant who has looked into the St. Patrick family for years. 

Curnen's previous work includes The Dark Knight, Contagion, and Fast & Furious

Michael Ealy - Detective Don Carter

Michael Ealy as Detective Don Carter in Power Book 2
Michael Ealy

Joining Season 4 as a new addition to the series is veteran actor Michael Ealy as Detective Doc Carter. He is an NYPD officer who vowed to make the streets safer after his wife was killed in the crossfire of New York City's drug war. 

Ealy's best known for his appearances in 2 Fast 2 Furious, Barbershop, and Think Like a Man.

Sydney Winbush - Anya Convington

Sydney Winbush in a white inmate T-Shirt in Power Book 2
Sydney Winbush

Another new addition to Season 4 is the charming Anya Convington. Played by Sydney Winbush, Anya joins the series as the daughter of the menacing drug lord known as Noma, who does not know about her family's work. She will also be Tariq's new love interest. 

Winbush's other work includes Shrill, Trinket, and Timmy Failure: Mistakes Were Made

LightSkinKeisha - BruShandria Carmichael

LightSkinKeisha as BruShandria Carmichael in a snakeskin top in Power Book 2

After playing a small role in Seasons 1-3 as a classmate of Tariq's at Stansfield, BruShandria Carmichael (played by LightSkinKeisha) will play an even bigger part in Season 4. 

LightSkinKeisha is an American rapper, singer, and songwriter, with Power Book 2: Ghost being her first major acting role. 

Caroline Chikezie - Noma

Caroline Chikezie as Noma in a leopard print jacket in Power Book 2
Caroline Chikezie

Caroline Chikezie brings Noma to life in Power Book 2 Season 4. Noma is a terrifying drug lord in the city and the mother of Tariq's new love interest, Anya. 

Chikezie can also be seen in Eragon, Æon Flux, and The Passage

Mattea Conforti - Elisa Marie Proctor

Mattea Conforti as Elisa Marie Proctor in Power Book 2
Mattea Conforti

Mattea Conforti plays Elisa Marie Proctor, the daughter of departed Power antagonist Joe Procter. She has been mentioned several times in Book 2, but she will make her first proper on-screen appearance in Season 4. 

Conforti's other major credits include playing Young Elsa in Frozen II and Young Janice Soprano in The Many Saints of Newark

Golden Brooks - Janet Stewart

Golden Brooks as Janet Stewart in Power Book 2
Golden Brooks

Part of the extended Tejada family is Golden Brooks' Janet Stewart. She joins Season 4 as a cousin of Mary J. Blige's criminal queenpin, Janet. 

Brooks' has worked in Hollywood for nearly 30 years, with credits in Girlfriends, Beauty Shop, and The Darkest Minds

Aaron Dean Eisenberg - Detective Nico Calder

Aaron Dean Eisenberg as Ric Flair in The Iron Claw
Aaron Dean Eisenberg

Aaron Dean Eisenberg plays Detective Nico Calder in Power Book 2 Season 4, an NYPD detective working to clean up the streets of New York City. 

Eisenberg most recently appeared in A24's The Iron Claw as wrestling legend Ric Flair but has also popped up in Prime Video's Dead Ringers and The Duece.

Alison Luff - Detective Felicia Lewis

Alison Luff as Detective Felicia Lewis in Power Book 2
Alison Luff

Detective Felicia Lewis (played by Alison Luff) is another NYPD officer working with Michael Ealy's Detective Don Carter to hopefully end the city's long-running drug war. 

Luff has also appeared on FBI, New Amsterdam, and Heels

Talia Robinson - Elle

Talia Robinson as Elle in Power Book 2
Talia Robinson

Talia Robinson's Elle joins Power Book 2: Ghost in Season 4. Elle is the lead singer of a hip-hop group at Tariq's college, Stansfield, where he has started his drug empire. 

Power Book 2 marks Robinson's first major acting credit. 

Power Book 2: Ghost Season 4 continues on Starz, with new episodes dropping every Friday at 8 p.m. ET.

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