Is Pokemon's 2025 Movie With Tom Holland Real or Fake? New Netflix Speculation Explained

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Tom Holland, Bulbasaur Pokemon

Here's what fans should know about the rumors of a Netflix live-action Pokemon movie with Tom Holland.

Netflix's 2025 Pokemon Movie Speculation Explained

Several recent fan-made concept trailers have audiences asking whether another live-action Pokemon movie is in the works, specifically with Tom Holland. 

Talk of Holland taking on the Pokemon franchise has been circulating online for years.

The earliest claim stems from a 2020 rumor that the Spider-Man star was being considered to play Blue Oak, Professor Oak's grandson from the original Pokemon games, in a spin-off set within the Detective Pikachu universe. 

While Deadline reported in 2023 that a Detective Pikachu sequel was in development, there has yet to be evidence of Tom Holland's involvement. 

Netflix being referenced in the fake trailers comes from a 2023 rumor where movie pundit Kristian Harloff claimed the streaming giant was considering moving from "development to pre-production" on a Pokemon live-action series. 

Harloff also posted that the streamer sees a live-action Pokemon show as its "next flagship after Stranger Things."

So, while there is evidence of plans for future live-action Pokemon content, any trailers or claims of Tom Holland's role are currently fake. 

The Future of Live-Action On-Screen Pokemon

When fans will see another Pokemon movie or a streaming series is unknown. 

The 2023 Hollywood writers' and actors' strikes led to various delays and scheduling conflicts and pushed back projects that had yet to move into development.

However, if Netflix is serious about a live-action Pokemon show, and if a Detective Pikachu spin-off is still a reality, audiences may hear confirmation in the coming months. 

As for Tom Holland, MCU fans know he's developing Spider-Man 4 for Sony and Marvel Studios. 

The actor also told Deadline in April that he has "a few projects I'm really excited about and scripts are coming now and they're great."

It is unknown just what those projects are, but until the next live-action Pokemon project reveals its stars, Holland is likely to remain a popular fan cast. 

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