Here's When P Valley Season 3's Release Is Now Expected to Happen

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Shannon Thornton “Keyshawn” in P-Valley

P-Valley Season 3 is officially on the way, leaving fans to wonder when its release on Starz will happen.

Based on creator Katori Hall's 2015 play Pussy Valley, the Starz drama focuses on a group of Black women working at The Pynk strip club in Mississippi under their non-binary proprietor, Uncle Clifford Sayles.

Season 1 came to Starz on July 12, 2020, before Season 2 began its run on June 3, 2022. Two months after Season 2 ended, Hall confirmed to TVLine that Season 3 was officially greenlit, setting the stage for new episodes to continue the story.

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P-Valley's Season 3 Release Schedule

Shannon Thornton in P-Valley

Following the premiere of the Down In the Valley series, which is a companion to P-Valley, fans are curious about when the new season of P-Valley will debut.

Creator Katori Hall posted a picture on Instagram of either herself or another crew member wearing a hat that read, "Season 3," which was posted on April 8.

According to Harper's Bazaar, Season 2 took about six months to film its material, wrapping in February 2022 before debuting on Starz in June 2022.

Should Season 3 follow a similar trajectory, filming will likely last until October. This would mean new episodes would not begin to air on Starz until sometime in early or mid-2025 depending on how long post-production takes.

Season 2 reportedly took 6 months to film, wrapping in February 2022, before premiering in June 2022.

If Season 3 follows a similar production schedule, filming could last until around October 2024. This means that it's likely that Season 3 won't premiere until early 2025.

What Will Happen in P-Valley Season 3?

While story details are still being kept under wraps for P-Valley Season 3, multiple cast members should get a boost in screentime after Deadline reported bumps for three actors to places as series regulars.

This includes Gail Bean's Roulette (a new dancer at the Pynk), Bertram Williams Jr.'s Woddy (Lil Murda's manager), and Thomas Q. Jones' Mane (the Chief-Fi-Chief gang's leader). Additionally, Mea Wilkerson was added to the cast as Haiku, a new dancer who is said to thrive on chaos and mayhem.

After Brandee Evans' Mercedes retired from the club, her journey will be an intriguing one to follow. She's confirmed to be part of the cast of Season 3, and after getting a brand-new studio and getting her daughter back, her next steps after The Pynk will have fans intrigued.

Additionally, fans saw the romance between Lil' Murda and Uncle Clifford take a sad turn due to the rampant homophobia and transphobia in the Mississippi Delta area. 

Couple all this with new dancers and personnel rotating in and out of the club, and there should be no shortage of thrilling storylines for this show's next season.

The first two seasons of P-Valley are streaming on Starz.

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