Night Swim 2024 Movie Online Release Date Revealed: When Will It Start Streaming?

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Night Swim

The 2024 supernatural horror movie Night Swim got a new update on its online release date, leading many to wonder when it will begin streaming.

First hitting theaters on January 2 under producers Jason Blum and James Wan, Night Swim marked one of the first big Hollywood releases of 2024 as it featured Wyatt Russell and Kerry Condon in leading roles.

Unfortunately, director Bryce McGuire's new film underwhelmed critically and financially, winding up with a 23%Tomatometer score on Rotten Tomatoes and grossing only about $30 million at the global box office (per Box Office Mojo).

Night Swim Gets Update on Online Release Date

Night Swim
Night Swim

The When to Stream X (formerly Twitter) account shared that Blumhouse and Universal’s Night Swim will be available for purchase online starting on Tuesday, January 23.

The film will appear on online marketplaces such as Apple, Amazon, and Google on that date, which comes only 21 days after it hit theaters on January 2.

When Will Night Swim Begin Streaming?

The easiest way to most accurately predict when Night Swim will begin streaming is to look at the timelines for other Universal/Blumhouse movies to make their streaming debuts in comparison.

2022's The Black Phone (starring Ethan Hawke) first hit the big screen on June 24 before hitting online marketplaces on July 14 and eventually Peacock on August 12 - a total of 49 days between debuts in theaters and streaming.

2023's hit horror movie M3gan saw an identical 49-day gap between releases, coming to the big screen on January 6 before making its Peacock debut on February 24.

Changing things up, The Exorcist: Believer took just slightly longer to move to streaming with a 56-day gap between its theatrical arrival (October 6) and its Peacock premiere (December 1), only one more week than its predecessors.

This came after a surprisingly short gap between its theatrical debut and its arrival in online marketplaces, with the film only taking 17 days to be available for purchase online.

Should Night Swim use the 49-day streaming release plan, it would be ready for fans to stream on Peacock on Tuesday, February 20. Blumhouse and Universal could potentially try to milk more out of its box office haul by keeping it in theaters another week, pushing that streaming date to Tuesday, February 27, but that seems unlikely considering its widely negative reviews.

Night Swim is now playing in theaters, and it will be available for purchase online on Tuesday, January 23.

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