Next Goal Wins 2023 Movie Online Streaming Release Date Revealed

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Taika Waititi's 2023 sports drama/comedy, Next Goal Wins, is inching closer to its online release date in early 2024.

Next Goal Wins is based on a 2014 same-named documentary about a Dutch-American soccer coach who tries to turn around the American Samoa national team - one of the weakest in the world.

Initially debuting at the 2023 Toronto International Film Festival on September 10 before hitting the United States on November 17, the film featured Michael Fassbender, Rachel House, and Will Arnett amidst an A-list cast of stars.

Unfortunately, the film didn't perform well with critics as it averaged a 44% Tomatometer score on Rotten Tomatoes. To date, it's only earned about $10 million (per Box Office Mojo) at the global box office.

When Will Next Goal Wins Release Online?

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When to Stream shared that Taika Waititi's 2023 comedy, Next Goal Wins, will be available to purchase online via digital platforms like Google Play, Amazon, and Apple TV starting on Tuesday, January 16.

This will mark an even 60 days between the film's theatrical debut (November 17, 2023) and its arrival on VOD.

This nearly matches the 62-day gap between theatrical and streaming releases seen by one of Searchlight Pictures' other 2023 movies, Theater Camp, which hit the big screen on July 14 and came to Hulu on September 14.

Searchlight also teamed up with Hulu in 2023 to release Quasi as a Hulu Original Film, exclusively bringing the film to a streaming debut on April 20.

Fans are still waiting for more information on when Searchlight's latest hit, Poor Things, will have its own streaming and online release after releasing in theaters in the United States on December 8.

When Will Taika Waititi Be Back for More Movies?

After coming back into favor with many fans in 2023 with Next Goal Wins, viewers are watching for Taika Waititi as he plans his next steps, especially after 2022's Thor: Love and Thunder became such a critical flop for the MCU.

There's also been plenty of struggles in getting his Star Wars movie off the ground for Lucasfilm, even after building a solid relationship with the studio through his acting and directing work in The Mandalorian.

On top of that, Waititi seems unlikely to return to the MCU anytime soon after his work on Love and Thunder, with star Chris Hemsworth discussing wanting to move on from Waititi's take on the God of Thunder.

Per insider Jeff Sneider, Waititi is rumored to be teaming up with Wednesday star Jenna Ortega for his next movie, Klara and the Sun, although fans will wait to see what's on his plate next.

Next Goal Wins is now playing in theaters, and its online purchase release date is Tuesday, January 16.

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