New WandaVision Set Photos Show Elizabeth Olsen, Paul Bettany & More In Theatrical Outfits

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Wanda on left, Vision on right, WandaVision title across bottom

The end of 2020 will finally bring fans the first Disney+ series in the MCU in the form of WandaVision, and from what the cast has said, it's going to be "bonkers."

Fans have already caught a glimpse of what to expect from the show in a 90-second trailer released last month, which was packed with clues and Marvel comic references pointing to what the show could be about.

Despite this, fans are still very much in the dark on what the show will really explore. And even with more news about WandaVision trickling out into the real world every day, people still don't have a clue what to expect because it just keeps getting weirder (in the most exciting way possible). 


In a pair of tweets on Saturday, Twitter user @eobrmidias shared some new photos of Elizabeth Olsen on the set of WandaVision in Los Angeles, dressed in attire not yet seen before by fans. 

The user then tweeted again, adding pictures of cast members Paul Bettany, Teyonah Parris, and Kathryn Hahn, all in varying get-ups. The second tweet also features a blonde woman, supposedly also Elizabeth Olsen, in a secondary outfit, which looks to be for a different scene entirely. 

Fans have been speculating that this scene being filmed is related to an exterior WandaVision set from earlier this year that involved a circus tent:



Once again, fans are given a good, clean look at what several different characters will look like in the WandaVision series, and yet there is very little indication of what any of it means for the show. 

One thing that stands out is that the scene that Olsen and Bettany are so dressed up for could possibly be a musical number specifically set in the 1950's or 1960's - both time periods which will be showcased in the series. No sort of confirmation has been given to this, but it would make sense if WandaVision will truly attempt to emulate the classic American sitcom

The blonde woman featured in the second tweet by @eobrmidias is the most conspicuous of all, though. Perhaps one of the many tweaks Wanda will make in her reality-altering fun is that she goes blonde? Or it could be someone else entirely, such as a friendly neighbor to "the Visions," or perhaps a familiar face that Wanda hasn't seen in awhile? The possibilities are endless... 

Additionally, the teaser trailer for the series showed many quick shots of the cast at many different settings, such as Wanda and Vision attending quaint dinner parties and trick-or-treating. This caused many to believe that the trailer was giving fans a taste of everything, and not leaving many different settings in the show to be a surprise.

However, these new photos still reveal new attire not yet seen before, and yet somehow only offer the slightest clue as to what they could be for. So, fans can be sure that although the initial trailer for the series did seem to reveal a lot of different plot points, it clearly did not cover them all. MCU fans all over the world are still in for one thrilling ride. 

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