What Is 'My Best Day' 2024 Netflix? Series Trend Explained

By Gillian Blum Posted:
My Best Day lens filter

From Jenna Ortega's Yes Day to the romantic drama One Day, Netflix has released a number of successful, original Day-titled projects. Is My Best Day the streamer's next one?

Snapchat and Instagram users have found a new filter with a theme familiar to those who stream shows and movies on Netflix.

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Netflix's My Best Day Trend 2024 Explained

The filter, created by user Yajan, is called "My Best Day Upload Lens," and it features a display identical to Netflix's home screen.

A screenshot of the
Yajan on Snapchat

The only difference is that the top banner (which typically displays a clip loop from a popular — and often new — show or movie) includes a loop of your own footage. Overlaid onto your original footage is the text "My Best Day," in an admittedly logo-like typeface and style.

Content creator SirJim also uploaded the same filter to Instagram, swapping out the line-up of Netflix programming with other movies like Wonder Woman and Top Gun: Maverick.

iam_sirjim's My Best Day post
iam_sirjim on Instagram

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Is My Best Day A Real Netflix Show?

Despite the "My Best Day Upload Lens" Snapchat filter seeming like a promotional filter of some kind for a Netflix show or movie called "My Best Day," no such project is real.

It seems that the name "My Best Day" was more-or-less arbitrary, or at the very least an encouragement to make the footage you include when using the filter footage from your own best day.

On top of this, Netflix does not seem to have any involvement with the filter whatsoever, despite the use of its logo, menu template, and real offerings like Godzilla Minus One.

The "My Best Day Upload Lens" filter is available on Snapchat now and can be found here.

To access the lens on Instagram, users can go to the page of content creator iam_sirjim, access his Instagram story, and tap the "Add Yours" button to take their own photo with the filter.

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