Is a New Jack City Remake Releasing on Netflix In 2024? New Mahershala Ali Movie Speculation Explained

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Mahershala Ali, New Jack City poster

A poster for a 2024 Netflix reboot of New Jack City starring Mahershala Ali is circulating online, leading many to wonder if the remake of the 1991 movie is real.

The original New Jack City starred Wesley Snipes as Nino Brown alongside a cast including Ice-T and Chris Rock, focusing on a gang, the Cash Money Brothers, in 1986 Harlem.

The gang is being investigated for its involvement in spreading what was then considered a new drug — crack cocaine.

New Jack City was relatively well-received when it was first released, so the possibility of a reboot would be exciting for many.

Is There A New Jack City Reboot in 2024?

A poster made the rounds on Facebook teasing a reboot of Wesley Snipes' New Jack City being prepped for release in 2024.

The poster centers on Mahershala Ali in the leading role as he dons a trench coat and a hat, seemingly taking over Wesley Snipes' role from the original 1991 film.

Fake New Jack City reboot poster

Despite the poster making the rounds online, there is no New Jack City reboot starring Mahershala Ali coming to Netflix in 2024.

Granted, this is not the last time a conversation about the 1991 movie being rebooted will crop up, as a real reboot written by Malcolm M. Mays was announced as being in the works in 2019.

Original screenwriter of New Jack City Barry Michael Cooper also announced that he was working on a "Prequel. Sequel." titled "The Diary of Nino Brown: The Monster Reagan Created."

Had the reboot been real, it would have been ironic since the character Ali would have played was originally played by Wesley Snipes, and would have marked the second role of Snipes' that Ali would be rebooting after the MCU's Blade.

Original New Jack City poster
Warner Bros.

Could There Be A Real New Jack City Reboot?

As of that 2019 announcement, there could be an actual reboot of New Jack City happening soon.

Other than Mays being the writer, there is not much known about the actual project, such as cast or a release date.

The same can seemingly be said for the 2021-announced prequel.

Ali fans disappointed by the poster being fake, though, will still be able to see the actor in the MCU's Blade, currently set to release in late 2025.

The original New Jack City can be also found on various platforms, including Tubi and Sling TV.

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